Brother PE770 Software: Different Embroidery Needs And Top Pick

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So you've decided that six lettering fonts of the Brother pe770, 136 built-in designs, and the limited design editing features are not enough for you. Perhaps, the black and white small screen size is taking the hell out of your eyes.


There are so many embroidery and digitizing programs for Brother PE770 that help you realize your embroidery dreams. In this article, I’ll help you find the right brother pe770 software.

Embrilliance essentials came on top as the best embroidery software for brother pe770.

Do You Have To Only Use Brother Software?

No, you don't have to stick to the Brother embroidery software. You can use any Brand software that gives you files in the PES format since it's compatible with the pe770.

Design Software That Creates PE770 Compatible Format:

You should pick the software that supports the following formats to be able to work with this machine.

 1).PES (It’s a stitch based format, this is a must to have.)

2).PEN (If you are downloading from iBroidery)


File Transfer Mechanism:

Brother pe770 supports both of the following files transfer mechanisms.

  • USB
  • Brother compatible design card

Which Embroidery Software To Choose For Brother PE770?

You just need to analyze your needs and then decide accordingly what program you want to work with. You have to invest in a right module to do the required job.

Just want to transfer the designs:

If you are just starting out and want to import the designs with your card, you just need a Brother PED-Basic program that transfers your files from computer to the Brother card.

If you are using a flash drive, then you don't need any additional design program to do this.

Are you planning just to purchase the designs from the internet and don't need to alter them as much? You might not need any software at all since you can mirror image elongate or resize designs on the PE770.

Don't forget to check the copyrights before editing any purchased design.

Do you want to add text to the designs or edit them?

I would strongly suggest Embrilliance essentials for minor edits and adding letters. You would be able to do the most things, and there is always the options to get extra modules whenever you feel like you need more.   

If you don’t want Embrilliance than you would need to choose from the following:

  1. Embird Basic program and the Font Engine. There is a learning curve to the Embrid.
  2. Buzz Edit and the Buzz Word.
  3. Amazing Designs Personalize 'N Stitch to add personalized text to the designs, and it comes with many designs. For editing designs, you would need to get Edit 'N Stitch as well.

Which is the Best Monogram software for brother PE770

If you want to work with multi-line, single-line, vertical layouts and circle text, then Letter IT is a decent choice. It has 35 fonts options to choose from. It doesn’t work with MAC though, and it only does lettering.

Embrilliance essentials to rescue again:

If you have MAC and need more features, then go for Embrilliance. It can also work with multi-Line and in circle modes. Although it comes with 12 fonts, it has the BX font which allows you to use your purchased fonts easily.

Why should you not get ELS Embroidery Lettering Monogramming Software?

It's very limited, and you would outgrow it quickly. Only five monogram styles! Are you kidding me? It doesn't work with MAC either. There are tons of options that are way better than this program.

Why Is Embrilliance Your Best Bet For PE770?

 It’s PC and MAC compatible and very easy to use.

Color sort is another fantastic feature.

Besides monogramming and lettering you can merge and resize the designs, and the Embrilliance adjusts the stitches and underlays automatically, so there is no density issue. You can drag individual letter around.

BX font you don’t have to drag one letter at a time. You can purchase the fonts from digitizers. You just have to drag the BX file into the Embrilliance to install it. You can now access this font by typing the name of it in the program.

Here you can find more information about selecting the top embroidery software.

 If you are looking to compare Sew What Pro and Embrilliance here is the article for you.

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