11 Best Gifts for Quilters and Sewers They’ll Use and Love in 2024

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Do you want to know what to get a quilter who has everything? Or what to buy a quilter for Christmas?

You don’t know where to begin. But there’s one thing you know for sure.


Your friend or spouse is a professional quilter and sewer who’s obsessed with her work. That means they'll likely accept your efforts and thank you if you give them the unique quilter gifts that they desire and cherish the most.

Nothing will flatter them like a gift that improves their creativity while they are quilting and sewing.

That said, in this post, I’ll share with you ten unique gifts for quilters and sewers that you can send right away.

I'll also share with you my favorite gift for quilters and sewers in the post.

By the end of the post, you won't feel stuck on what kind of gift you can give any professional quilter and sewer.

Ready, let’s dive right in.

11 Top Gifts for Quilters in 2024:

Here are some of the gift ideas for quilters that you can consider giving them this holiday season.

1. Sewing and Quilting machine

Quilting and sewing machines are, for sure, the ultimate presents to give to a person who loves sewing and quilting.

These come in a wide range of prices, and it all depends on your budget.

If the person receiving the present is an advance quilter, then the basic machine will not excite them at all. I would suggest the medium to a high-level machine. It'll cost more, but they'll love you for the rest of their lives.

Brother PQ1500SL is the sweet spot for you and the receiver. It's a medium to advance level machine that will be gladly excepted by any quilter or sewer on your list and not break your bank. 

It comes with lots of high-end features like blazing fast speed of 1500 stitches per minute, extension table, advanced auto and fast needle threading system, and lots more.

It will serve them for long as it's durable and comes with 25 years limited warranty.

Check it's price at Amazon.

Brother CS6000i is for starters. Beginners quilters and sewers on your list will absolutely love this machine. It's simple, easy to use, and it's one the best selling Brother computerized machine online. 

This little beauty crowns the 2019 women choice awards. 

I'm only recommending this machine because it has lots of features at a very affordable price range. Although there are other machines for quilting, those cost a pretty penny.

Check it's price at Amazon.

2. Omnigrid 12-inch-by-18-inch Fold-Away Portable Cutting & Pressing Station

The Omnigrid would be a perfect present for quilters because it combines an ironing mat and cutting workstation. That means it can be folded up and used for sewing on the go.

It is perfect; in my opinion, if you are getting it for someone that has no dedicated workstation or travels a lot to sewing classes or trade shows and needs something that takes little space.

Also, I'll consider it an excellent value for the money because it's a combo pack. The Omnigrid might be the perfect Christmas gift idea for quilters.

Check the price at Amazon.

3.  Wool Pressing Mat  for Quilters

A pressing pad is a great gift idea to consider because most professional quilters need a pad that makes pressing look easier and crispy on fabric.

And quilt quilter's pressing pad is a great gift. 


It delivers crispy pressed seams, whether a quilter prefers steam or no steam ironing. Well, this is possible because the pressing pad traps heat and radiates back up to the fabric that helps ironing on both sides.

It's a dense wool pad that helps in restricting the stretch of the fabric.

In other words, this high-quality New Zealand wool pressing pad does an excellent job of ensuring that the fabric has nice flat seams. 

It makes pressing easy, effective, and fun. Quilters and sewers will appreciate that.

Check at Amazon.

4. Crafty World Professional Rotary Cutting Mat 

There are a lot of things that professional quilters and sewers do regularly. Cutting is one of those routine tasks.

You just can't use the table without cutting mat in this day and age. It gets damaged or screwed from the routine cutting.

That said, they'll have to buy a cutting mat from time to time. A wonderful gift for them is the Crafty World rotary cutting mat.

It is versatile and flexible, which means they can use it for sewing or quilting without worrying about damaging their table.

The cutting mat has a smooth surface and self-healing capability for long-lasting performance.

Check at Amazon.

5. Electric Quilting A-OOO8EQ

Great design is at the heart of every professional quilter and sewer. Most quilters and sewers need an array of tools and features for them to deliver a seamless design.

That said, they'll need an electric quilter, which is the go-to computer software known for designing exceptional quilts.

The EQ8 stands out as a perfect gift for quilters because it has thousands of blocks enough to help them create new quilt designs.

They can even import their fabric photographs into the software and then create the design according to their requirements.

Another great bonus to know about the EQ8 is that it's friendly to use, and the updated user interface is intuitive for users.

Check at Amazon.

6. Fiskars 95237097 J Rotating Sewing Cutting Set, 3 Pieces

Every professional quilter or sewer understands the importance of making a clean, seamless cut without jagged edges or marks.

For that reason, they are continually looking for the sharpest blades that can cut through thin and thick fabrics without causing lots of damage.

Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better gift than the Fiskars 95237097 J rotating sewing cutting set.

I know most people that have used it say that it’s not the sharpest blade, but what I love is that it gets the job done.

Thanks to its see-through quilting ruler, they can easily measure and accurately cut their fabric. The number and lines on this plastic ruler are easy to read. 

The Fiskars also comes with a large double-sided cutting mat. This means if they don't want to spend extra money on a better cutting mat, they can utilize what Fiskars provides.

Check at Amazon.

7. ARTEZA Rotary Cutter Quilting Kit

The Arteza rotary cutter quilting kit offers excellent value for quilters and sewers. What makes it a great gift?

  1. It comes with a ruler,
  2. a  18X24" cutting mat,
  3. a 45mm cutter,
  4. and a 3-pack of 45 mm blades.

What I adore in this quilting kit is the extra blades included in the kit.

It saves them lots of time and money getting a second or third blade when they've three blades to start sewing or quilting.

It's ergonomically designed, deserves a mentioned.

They'll see that it's an integrated soft-grip comfort, and they can use it to cut on both ways left and right. In short, it makes cutting tasks seamless and professional.

Check availability at Amazon.

8. Omnigrid QTC Quilting Travel Case Black

Most quilters and sewers travel a lot. Whether they're going for a demonstration, trade shows, sewing classes, or just traveling.

They need a traveling case, where they can store all their tools and supplies.

And a better traveling case to fulfill that need would be the Omnigrid QTC Quilting case. It has a multi-pocket to store unfinished quilting blocks and elastic straps to make sure the blocks are secured.

It can easily holds up to 12-1/2" square of quilt blocks.

What’s more?

It is light, and anyone can move around with it from one place to another.

If there's anything I love in this travel case, it's that it has lots of space for carrying quilting notions while travelling. 

Anyone can easily organize and access all their accessories while traveling. Honestly, nothing beats that.

Check at Amazon.

9. Singer Vintage Sewing Basket Sewing Kit Accessories

Do you know what all professional sewers and quilters have in common?

They do need lots of sewing tools and supplies to deliver superior craft. But if there's one thing that holds them, is having a sewing kit that has all the essential tools they need.

It saves them time and leaves them focused on what they do best, deliver a beautiful quilt. For that reason, Singer Vintage sewing basket is the ideal gift to solve that need.

The Quilter gift basket is compact and offers plenty of spaces for quilters and sewers to store the most important sewing supplies.

Besides that, it has the following basic notions that a quilter or sewer will need to start sewing. 

  1. 8'' scissors, 
  2. 60-inch tape for measurements,
  3. Ten, 10 yards each thread spools,
  4. 100 dressmaker pins,
  5. Pincushion,
  6. Needle threader, and more.

Check at Amazon.

10. Rowenta 1700-Watt Stainless Steel Micro Steam Iron 

A stainless iron box is one of the most important things a professional quilter will never miss in their toolbox.

Rowenta is worth considering as a gift, and let me walk you through its cool features.

First, it has a highly polished soleplate that ensures smooth gliding on clothes, leaving them crispy.

Second, the iron has large steam holes that evenly distribute steam when they're ironing.

Lastly and most importantly, this iron can self-clean itself. In other words, any deposits or materials that collect inside, the iron has the power to flash it out immediately.

Check at Amazon.

11. Honey-Can-Do Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest

An ironing tabletop is the next big thing most professional sewers are always looking to upgrade.

The great news is that Honey-Can-Do Tabletop could be the one. Besides it serving as an ironing tabletop, it also has metal retractable iron rest.

If they're cramped for spaces in their workstation, instead of buying a free-standing ironing board, you could give them the Honey-Can-Do tabletop.

The main reason for this is because it is durable and compact, which means they can collapse it and store it.

Check at Amazon.


With all these best gifts for quilters and sewers, you can't miss something to offer to your friend or spouse. 

If you look around closely in their workstation, you'll always notice that they still have old sewing and quilting tools that they want to upgrade.

But because of so many things going on with their life, they forget. And presenting such a present to them, you remind them how much their work means to you.

In other words, it shows that you are thinking deeply about them, and you appreciate their work.

Choose any of the ten gifts and offer them because now you know what an excellent gift for a quilter is?

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