Brother CX155LA Laura Ashley Sewing Machine Review: Best Advice

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In short, after doing this review and 27 hours of researching the point of views of users, we've found the Brother CX155la to be one of the best machines to get. 


It must feel like the end of the world when nothing seems to work. Think about it:

  • You have countless unfinished projects.
  • Your quilts have so many skipped stitches.
  • Some stitch patterns remain a dream you may never realize.

You genuinely love sewing and would do anything to improve your experience.

However, with your old sewing machine, you know that kind of experience will forever remain a dream.

That’s unless you do something about it.

So, you’ve heard about the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition and specifically the Brother cx155la, and you’re curious if what you’ve heard is true.

Online, you’ve searched endlessly with no chance of satisfying answers. You’ve landed here, and you hope your questions will get the answers they deserve.

Is this you? If your answer is yes, then relax because you have found the right place.

We’re about to delve deep to review this Brother Laura Ashley sewing machine and bring you all you need to know about it.

Sounds good? Great!

Let’s dive right it.

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What is the Brother Laura Ashley sewing machine?

Sewing and quilting, all depend on your love for creativity, desire for achievement and self-actualization.

There’s nothing as satisfying as turning your imaginations and thoughts into reality, and it happens when you get your hands on this machine.

The Brother Laura Ashley, CX155la comes measuring 17.32” high x 8.03” deep x 12.48” wide and weighing 11.02 pounds.

The Ashley machine is armed with many accessories, all of which we’ll discuss in this Brother cx155la review.

Who is it best for (And why)?

I’ll be completely honest with you. Limiting the Brother Laura Ashley machine to just one user is doing complete injustice to it.

I’ll tell you why.

By looking at it, you may think that the CX155la complex. It isn’t.

I’ll have you know that this sewing machine is barely one-step up from your regular or basic sewing machine.

It’s simple enough for entry-level, intermediate as well as professional sewists.

While beginners pace their way up, professional sewists can go wild, exploring their creativity with the numerous stitch patterns and alphanumerical features built in this machine.

There’s more.

If you’re the type of sewist who sews big projects, it might interest you to know the machine comes with a wide-working table that offers extra working space for large fabrics.

Consider using it for gowns, blankets and more. However, stay away from over the top, thick batting, or it will not fit under the presser foot.   

Consequentially, this makes the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition an ideal choice for beginners as well as expert quilters and sewing enthusiasts who work with large fabrics.

If you work with denim, you'll be happy to know it will go through many layers of it without any hitch. 

Check the availability on Amazon.

How well can I sew with its speed?

The Laura Ashley will make most sewists happy with its maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute (You’ll agree that this is not bad for a home sewing machine).

The CX155la limited edition features a variable stitch speed slide lever. With this, you can enjoy the power to control how fast or slow you’d like to sew.

You can choose from any of the three-speed options:

  • Slow, 
  • Medium, 
  • Fast. 

As a beginner, you can enjoy slower speeds as you learn the ropes, and later increase your pace as you become more experienced.

Feed Dogs

The machine offers you seven points feed dog system to ensure your fabric (regardless of thickness) has quality stitches. It saves you from the hassle of correcting the stitches and you can do more in less time.

Here’s something else you may want to know.


With the Laura Ashley CX155LA, you can enjoy full control over all your sewing work without having to worry about using your foot controller. Just press the Start/Stop button, and it sews for you. 

Start and stop when you need to and enjoy quality, professional looking projects.

What stitches come built-in with this Brother cx155la sewing machine?

Have you ever been spoilt for choices by a sewing machine? Here is a stirring fact.

The Laura Ashley sewing and quilting machine comes with 100 built-in stitches that you can use to give your fabrics a more personalized touch.

There’s more.

With it, you have 55 alphanumeric stitches you can use for basic monogramming. Don’t you agree you can work with as many projects as you want now?

You don’t have to imagine your possibilities anymore. Get your old cushions out and give them a revamped look and quality touch-ups. With this sewing machine, you’ll make your hobby an enjoyable activity.

Included in the built-in stitches, you would also have stylish looking one-step buttonholes available in eight styles. These auto-sized stitches give your buttonholes a professional touch you’ve always desired.

Some of the stitches you’ll find are:

  • Overcast 
  • Zigzag 
  • Heirloom 
  • Shell tuck
  • Smocking
  • Scallop
  • Quilt and Free motion Quilts
  • Patchwork
  • Blind hem stitch and many more.

Check the availability on Amazon.

What fabrics does it work well with?

Do you get excited about interior design? Do your own creations fascinate you? If they do, then this CX155la sewing machine is what you should be looking at.

Thanks to the seven-point feed dogs, you can enjoy high quality, personalized stitches on fabrics that are:

  • Thin like silk
  • Stretchy like spandex
  • Several layers of denim!

The wide removable table of Brother Laura Ashley CX155la adds you 33% workspace, making it an excellent choice when working on the large projects.

That it is removable means, you can have it short whenever you’re working with smaller projects too. It makes it apt for most if not all types of fabrics.

Will I get even stitches with it?

Even stitches are necessary for a good professional finish. For a machine that’s set to sew and quilt, you need it to have adjustable functions that will let you have efficiently neat and even stitches.

On that note, this Brother sewing machine does not disappoint. It can stitch through thick layers of fabric. Backed by the 7-point feed dogs, you can be guaranteed that your stitches will be of high quality.

That, coupled with the quick top-load, jam resistant, drop-in bobbin, you can rest assured your bobbin will stay in its place and work to give you a highly desired and reliable stitches.

Does it have a pressure foot adjustment feature?

It can get frustrating when you have been sewing so smoothly; you get so lost in it, only to get jammed at the thicker seams. You almost want to kick your sewing machine for letting you down, isn't it?

I have good news for you.

With Brother Laura Ashley, you won’t have to stress over this because it features a presser foot-locking pin that enables it to go over thick seams as smoothly as you do on thinner materials.

How well does the monogramming work?

Having a machine that does letters is a great plus because you get to put labels on your fabrics.

The Laura Ashley sewing machine easily and consistently does basic monogramming. 

Ensure you set your spacing right and test your work before you start monogramming as the stitches come out firmly done.

If you make a mistake with the space setting, you may have to get new fabric and begin afresh because removing the stitches will be an uphill task.

The downside is, it has just one built-in font for monogramming, and you can't alter the size of the font. 

Can I use it for quilting?

Quilting is fun but can be tasking if you don’t use the right quilting machine.

To successfully quilt, you need both the large working area (that easily lets you move your fabric around) and drop feed dogs.

It's coupled with a wide extension table and a drop- feed button (Which lets you drop the feed dogs and enjoy free-motion quilting). 

With Brother CX155la, quilters can enjoy working with as many quilt patterns as they desire.

Check the availability and price on Amazon.

Does it come with twin needles?

Yes, it does!

If you are a lover of creative and decorative stitches, then you will be happy to know that the Brother CX155la doesn’t come with decorative stitches for nothing.

It also comes with twin needles that work together to make your creative work a visual reality. 

Working through from top to bottom, you can enjoy embellishing on your most favorite projects.

Does it have an automatic thread cutter?

Most, if not all sewing enthusiasts appreciate a machine that has a thread cutter.

It offers the convenience of completing your projects without interruptions of having to look through the last place you placed your scissors.

Now, while some expensive machines come featured with a fancy automatic thread cutter button, Brother Laura Ashley requires you to cut your thread yourself manually but using the thread cutters it comes with.

If you look closely, you’ll find two small metal blades, one on the side of the machine for needle thread, and one near bobbin area for the bobbin thread.

How much heavy is this machine?

Heavy sewing machines are good where sturdiness matter. However, nobody enjoys having one that is so heavy, moving it around becomes a daunting task.

The Ashley machine weighs lightly. However, it’s firm and sturdy enough, so you don't have to worry about wobbling and skip stitches. It makes sewing a joyous expedition. 

How fast does it thread?

Gone are the days when you would easily dismiss a sewing project to avoid threading. I know I’ve done this enough time.

To save you time and eyestrain, Brother Laura Ashley computerized sewing machine has included features like the advanced auto needle threader.

This feature makes threading a rather quick process; you won’t even realize how much time you could have spent, just focusing on the eye of the needle.

You will especially appreciate that you won’t have to strain so much if you sew decor patterns and have to switch threads all the time.

Check the availability and price on Amazon.

What other features does it have?

There are other features we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Let’s quickly go through them:

LED light over the working area

With reduced strain, you can enjoy sewing and quilting at whatever time, day or night, thanks to a bright working space.

Backlit LCD

Enjoy an easy viewing of your work through the LCD.

Small as it may seem, you will appreciate this feature because it shows you lots of sewing information. 

11 quick-change presser feet

Enjoy smooth flowing, creative work with the 11 presser feet that easily slip up and lock.

With snap-on ability, the transition from one foot to another becomes very easy.

Here's the list of sewing and quilting feet:

  1. Walking 
  2. 1/4 piecing 
  3. Zipper 
  4. Monogramming 
  5. Zigzag (Comes already attached to the machine)
  6. Overcasting  
  7. Stitch guide  
  8. Quilt guide 
  9. Button sewing  
  10. Buttonhole 
  11. Blind stitch  

What accessories does the Brother Laura machine come with?

The CX155la comes loaded with all you need to make your love for sewing a complete success.

Here are the accessories:

  • Extra wide table
  • Foot Controller
  • 11 feet, see the list above.
  • Power cord
  • English/Spanish manual
  • Accessory bag

In the accessory bag you’ll find the following items:

  • Needle set
  • Cleaning brush
  • Bobbin clip
  • Four Bobbins
  • Twin needle
  • Extra spool pin
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Screwdriver
  • Eyelet punch
  • Seam ripper
  • Instructional DVD

All these accessories are important and are designed to ensure your machine works at its best for you.

If you are not familiar with anything, though, keep a closer eye on the DVD instructional manual. It will guide you through it.


Here are some of the benefits in summary of using the CX155la:

  • It’s easy to learn for beginners.
  • It’s easy to thread.
  • Sturdy.
  • Portable.
  • It has an extensive working table.
  • It offers a wide variety of stitches.


There are a few issues of concern. These are as follows:

  • It lacks the automatic thread cutter.
  • I don't like the fact that it's partially painted in red with flowers printed on the front. 

I know it shouldn't be in the negatives since aesthetics is very personal and subjective thing.

Should I buy it?

Brother Laura Ashley has been made with every type of sewist in mind.

If you’re a beginner and have been looking to upgrade from your regular machine, then this is definitely worth your consideration.

If you are into quilting, basic monogramming and decorative stitching, then you should get the Brother Laura sewing machine too!

It is designed to serve you from beginner to expert level and will keep you occupied with the creativity it opens you to.

Shall we wrap this up?

Long hours surfing online have yielded fruit finally. Your long search for the sewing machine, most deserving of that spot in your sewing room has come to an end.

Following the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155la review, you must have realized that this is a worthy upgrade.

Has it checked off all your ticks, considering what you’ve been looking for? Will it satisfy your sewing needs? I’d like to think that it does.

If I’m right, then it’s time to make your decision, and consequently your next move. 

Go on and purchase your Laura Limited edition.

With it, you can say goodbye to ugly looking stitches. You can finally work your projects, through to the end and present professional looking work.

Check the availability and price on Amazon.

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