Brother HC1850 vs Brother CS6000i: Do We Have a Winner?

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Brother makes many models of sewing machines. Sorting out the features of one versus another can be difficult.

In this review then, we’ll concentrate on two models - the HC1850 and the CS6000i - which in some ways are quite similar, but there are some significant differences as well.


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time right now to examine how we compare the Brother HC1850 and the CS6000i, you can click the links below to check the pricing and availability of each of these machines at Amazon.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine 

In short, Both are excellent machines but if you want more bang for your buck than get the Brother CS6000i. 

What Are the Main Differences between the Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i?

It’s usually easiest to spot differences between two products - sewing machines included - when you place them side by side in a table, so that’s where we’ll start.

The table just below points out a few of the most significant differences between these sewing machines.

Needle Threading SystemAdvanced*Automatic*
Built-in Sewing Stitches**13060
Buttonhole Styles87
Lettering Fonts10
Accessory Feet89
Dimensions WxDxH (in.)19.25 x 15.25 x 12.5 6.7 x 16.1 x 11.4
*Advanced and Automatic are the same thing **Includes buttonholes

Where the HC1850 really tops the CS6000i is the number of built-in stitches you get. The HC1850 has over twice as many, but you have to pay more for that. 

Will you ever use them all? Probably not. Therefore, the chances of the machine having just the right one you’re looking for are much greater with the CS6000i at a lower price.

I bought the Brother HC1850 to get the 130 stitch options, but I don't use those extra stitches at all. Yes, I love my HC1850 machine, but considering the price difference, I should have purchased cs6000i.

I had to buy walking foot and the extra case for my machine that added to the price. If you really need those extra stitches than go with the HC1850. Otherwise, cs6000i is a better option. 

Having one more buttonhole style (HC1850) or one more accessory foot (CS6000i) than the competitor probably isn’t a big deal.

However, having one lettering font versus 0 lettering fonts could be. If you need this basic lettering font feature, then the CS6000i is out of the running for you.

Speaking of accessory feet, these are the feet you get with the HC1850.

  • Buttonhole foot
  • Button fitting foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Spring action quilting foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • The one additional foot you get with the CS6000i is the Walking foot.

Other Differences: Brother hc1850 vs cs6000i

You do not get a carrying case with the HC1850, but you do with the CS6000i. You can, of course, purchase a case separately, but that obviously will affect your total cost.

Amongst the list of accessories for the HC1850 is a ballpoint needle, and with the CS6000i you get an eyelet punch.

Both models come with extra bobbins, but the HC1850 has four while the CS6000i has only three.

Common Features: Brother cs6000i vs hc1850

The differences mentioned above (as well as the price) will determine which of these two Brother sewing machines is best for you, but you should also be aware of the similarities so that you know what you’re getting in the total package.

Note that, even though these are called “computerized” machines, that does not mean that you can connect them to a computer.

The computerization is found within the machine itself. If you need a machine that connects to a computer (and therefore costs more), you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The maximum sewing speed of each is 850 stitches per minute. That’s not the fastest available, but should be fine for most purposes, especially if you (or the person you’re getting the machine for) are a beginner.

Other features provided with both the HC1850 and the CS6000i are the following.

  • LCD with stitch selector
  • Stitch width of 7mm
  • Stitch length of 5mm
  • Start/stop button
  • Quick-Set bobbin
  • Speed control
  • Free motion quilting
  • Needle up/down 
  • LED lighting
  • Built-in accessory storage area
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Accessory pouch 
  • Power cord
  • Twin needle
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle set
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spool Pin
  • Seam ripper

Conclusion: Brother hc1850 vs Brother cs6000i

If you want the walking foot, carrying case and better price machine, then cs6000i is the clear winner, and it's the best seller online. 

If you want more stitches and one additional monogramming font and one extra buttonhole stitch, then you can go with the HC1850. 

I think it is the sheer number of different stitches (130) that gives the HC1850 a slight advantage; other than that cs6000i is suitable for most sewists.

If any of the other smaller differences, where the HC1850 has something that the CS6000i does not, are of more significance to you, then you will have to choose that model instead.

But for the majority of shoppers, the price and benefits of the CS6000i should make it come out on top.

Check the price of the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine at Amazon now! 

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