Brother PE770 Review: Your First 5×7 Embroidery Machine?

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So you say you’ve always been interested in sewing embroidery patterns, but you weren’t sure how to get started.


There is an embroidery-only machine called the Brother PE770 that costs less than the fancier combination sewing-and-embroidery machines that just might be your best option for starting this fun hobby.

In this Brother PE770 review, I’ll look at the details of this embroidery-only machine to help you decide whether it's the best fit for you or not.

Also, what's the one type of fabric this machine can't handle? Keep reading to find out!

Check the availability of Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine at Amazon.

We've published the review of Brother PE800.

What Can I Make with This Model?

Can I sew with it?

The question often surfaces as to whether or not you can also sew with the PE770 as you can on a regular sewing machine.

Though I have already mentioned above that this is an embroidery-only machine, it deserves repeating in this case that you can only embroider with the PE770 and that you cannot do regular sewing.

For sewing, you would need a different machine entirely.

Embroidery and monogramming

It lets you choose from built-in “freeform” designs, lettering, and several standard shapes (circles, squares, ovals, and so on).

You can also import more patterns via a USB memory stick. If there is still room in the onboard memory, you can save these new patterns in the machine itself for future use.


Don't forget to format the thumb drive before you save any design on it.

For built-in patterns, you get 136 designs that you access via buttons on the LCD screen. These patterns range from simple to rather complex.

You can use the lettering fonts to spell out words or phrases or use them more like monograms. The largest of these you can adjust to a width of 1.95 inches and a height of 2.31 inches.

There are ten basic shapes that you can combine with any of 12 stitch patterns for a total of 120 combinations.

You can also do applique work with your Brother PE800, which is the latest and improved model of PE770 embroidery machine (Check availability via Amazon).

Putting all of the above options together gives you a virtually endless source of variety and creativity for your embroidery work.

How Easy Is It To Setup This Machine?

The PE770 has several features that make setup (whether your first time or not) easier than on many similar machines.

The owner’s manual itself is a big help in this area. The directions are very clear and explicit. By following them, you can be up and running in very little time.

Additionally, there are onscreen tutorials built into the machine that you can watch on the LCD.

Topics include setting up top thread and bobbin thread, how to insert the embroidery attachment and more.

There are also the plethora of good videos on YouTube that will guide you through the process.

You get the Brother Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin that makes loading the bobbin a simple task.

There is an automatic needle threader option that works well as advertised.

The work area is brightly lit by LED light so you can see what you’re doing both when setting up the machine and when doing embroidery later.

Do I Get Any Embroidery Hoops With It?

An embroidery hoop is a required element whether you are doing embroidery by hand or by machine, so Brother does include one 5 by 7 inch hoop with this model.

You can optionally purchase smaller hoops, such as a 4 by 4.

You can use a larger hoop, like a 5 by 12, but since the sewing field of the machine is limited to 5 by 7, you would have to complete a larger pattern in segments.

What Types of Fabric Can I Use?

Regardless of the type of fabric, you should always use a stabilizer on the top or the back (or both, depending on the fabric type) of your pattern.

Try to complete a design without stabilizer is just too risky. Something is bound to go wrong.

With stabilizer, you can apply your patterns to fabrics like fleece, denim, and any other light to medium weight fabric that you can hoop. 

If you are planning to do dense embroidery on thick leather, then you need to look elsewhere. 

On a related note, as long as you can get unusually-shaped items, like a hat or cap, into your hoop, you can embroider on them as well.

You can also buy special hat hoop for this machine. I've also featured this in the best hat embroidery machines options for you. 

Update: The manufacturer has discontinued this model. You can check the availability of the updated version, Brother PE800 instead from Amazon by clicking here.

What Type of Thread Should I Use with My Embroidery Machine?

The first qualification for the thread is that it should be embroidery thread, not plain sewing thread. Polyester embroidery thread is a popular choice.

You will have the best success using high-quality embroidery thread, which may mean it costs a little more. In the end, it will be worth it.

Embroidery thread that is in the 40 to 50 weight range should serve you well for most designs.

It’s not that you can’t use a different weight, but you may find other weights more challenging to work with.

Lighter threads can break more easily, depending on the fabric (and other factors) that you are applying a pattern to.

Bobbin thread that it 90 weight (sometimes seen as #90) is good to use for virtually all your projects.

What Customization Options Does It Have?

There are several nice design editing features you can make use of while completing your embroidery patterns.

If you don’t want the pattern to appear in the normal vertical position, you can rotate it 1, 10, or 90 degrees at the push of a few buttons on the LCD.

It evens tell you if the design needs rotating or not to fit in the hoop.

Sometimes you get a design that is bigger than 5x7". Then you must rotate the design properly to be able to use it. 

You can flip the pattern to its mirror image for cool effects. You can also alter the overall size of the design.

Theoretically, you can see the design on the LCD, but for larger, more intricate patterns, what you see there will not be very detailed.

The display, which measures 2.7 by 1.4 inches, does not show different colors and is just not high enough in resolution to give a really good picture of the design.

Here is one solution to this problem. Have your computer close by and use your USB drive to transfer images to see how it looks on the computer.

If you want to take embroidery to the next level with more editing options at your disposal, you can always buy embroidery software and have fun editing designs. 

Are There Any Features That Would Especially Help A Beginner?

It has several features that would benefit not only a beginner but an experienced embroiderer as well.

The maximum speed is 650 stitches per minute, but you can control the speed with the help of speed slider on the machine

The slower speed should reduce the possibility of making mistakes, and that's crucial for beginners.

Click here to check the availability of the latest model of this machine from Amazon.

Can I Add New Designs And Patterns To This Machine?

Some machines require you to have a computer connected to them to import or export patterns and other data.

It doesn't have a direct computer connection.

Instead, you use a memory stick (aka, thumb drive, USB flash drive) to transfer designs from your computer to the machine.

It doesn’t matter whether those designs are coming from a PC or a Mac. The operating system of your computer has nothing to do with the patterns themselves.

As long as the designs are in PES or DST format, you will be able to use them on your embroidery machine.

You can create your own designs too, but not right on this machine.

You need a design file in either PES or DST format, and you need a separate software program that you run on your computer.

The software should be able to digitize your design which you would then import to your embroidery machine via your flash drive.

There are several software programs available. Which one you use depends on your needs and your budget. We also talked about the best software program for this machine

Brother maintains a website called where you can download thousands of licensed and limited edition designs.

What’s the Verdict on the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine?

I have suggested that this is an excellent machine for beginners. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Other Brother PE770 reviews by users also highly recommend this machine to anyone that is beginning in machine embroidery or even to a seasoned embroiderer.

They state that it is not intimidating like other machines.

According to some Brother PE770 embroidery machine reviews, there are a couple of tasks that some users have found troublesome:

  • Placing the hoop 
  • And changing needles.

Placing the embroidery frame on the machine is difficult even impossible unless the machine is in the centered position. Well, then simply make sure the machine is centered before trying to add the hoop. 

The owner’s manual has some precise instructions that should make this procedure much less than impossible.

It also describes how to change needles, which to me doesn’t seem like it should be all that difficult. I can’t say why some users think this is hard to do.

I don’t think these negatives outweigh all the positives mentioned earlier. You should try the brother pe770 5x7 inch embroidery machine if you are just getting started with embroidery patterns.

If you are more experienced, I think you will enjoy working with this machine too.

Check the pricing and availability of the Brother PE800 embroidery machine at Amazon today! It's the latest and improved model of the discontinued PE770.

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