Brother PE770 vs. Brother DZ820e: How do They Compare?

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If you’ve been looking for a comparison between the Brother PE770 and DZ820e, you’ve come to the right place.

After reading this Brother PE770 vs. Brother DZ820e article, you'll be able to make the informed decision. 


 Update: Brother DZ820e and PE770 both have been discontinued.

Brother has made two excellent embroidery machines for an affordable price.

Although you can't go wrong with either of these embroidery machines, for me Brother dz820e was the better option by the slightest of margin. 

But since the Brother has discontinued both, PE800 is the right choice to make now (link via Amazon). It's the latest and improved version of PE770.

You can click on this link to read about the Brother PE800.

Similarities: Brother dz820e vs. Brother pe770

Let’s do a quick summary of each machine, and then we’ll look at how the Brother Designio series DZ820e embroidery only machine compares to the PE770.

First, take a look at some of the same features of these embroidery machines.

Similar Features:

• Automatic needle threading system. Press the lever, and the machine pushes the thread through the needle. 

• Automatic thread trimming

• compatible

• Six lettering fonts

• 136 built-in embroidery designs

• Large embroidery area. Maximum field of 5” x 7”

• Backlit touch screen LCD  

• Jam resistant drop-in top bobbin

• Built-in memory 

• Built-in USB port to enable you to import designs 

• LED for excellent illumination 

• Also, both machines also have thread level alerts for the bobbin. That makes sure you’re not in the middle of a design when the thread runs out.

Speed: Brother Designio Series DZ820e vs. PE770

Both the PE770 and DZ820e stitches at 650 stitches per minute. You can adjust the speed down if you’re finding that the thread is breaking.

Both of these machines are no longer available for sale. You can check the current price of the updated and better version of Brother PE770 at Amazon by clicking here.                                            

On-screen editing:  Brother designio series dz820e embroidery only machine vs. pe770

Both these machines have this feature. 

With on-screen editing, you can verify the edited design on the LCD before you begin stitching. It saves you a lot of frustration and time testing.

There are quite a few good videos out there to teach yourself how to do this. 

The not so great about DZ820e and PE770 

The machines use a thicker thread, and that can sometimes be challenging having to thread the small eye of the needle.

And What About the Embroidery

Both machines have built-in 136 designs to choose from. This is an excellent way to practice embroidering. You could make some napkins and a tablecloth to test out the machine and the designs.

There are also six built-in adjustable alphabets. Sometimes you want a simple letter, and other times you want something very ornate, like for a monogram. 

Embroidery card slot

Both the DZ820e and PE770 have a built-in embroidery card slot. This allows you to access embroidery designs from Brother embroidery cards. You can find these cards with all kinds of embroidery designs that will save you time and effort having to create. 


You can also log into and purchase individual designs. It’s a site hosted by Brother.

For those Disney fans, you can download Disney and Disney Pixar embroidery patterns to your computer. Then transfer the PES file to a USB stick. And in a few minutes, you’ll be putting Belle on your jacket pocket.

And if you have a kid who loves Marvel, they have a Marvel collection as well. Imagine how much fun it will be giving a onesie to a friend who just had a baby, and it’s been customized with their child’s name and SpiderMan.

Why Are Different Embroidery Hoop Sizes Needed?

Since the PE770 has only one hoop and the DZ820e has three hoops, you’re probably asking yourself why you need different sizes.

In embroidery, either by hand or machine, you want the fabric stretched really tight to get good clear stitching. Therefore you want to use the smallest hoop you can for the design.

So Are They The Same Machine?

Some people are under the impression that the PE770 and the DZ820e are the same machines but with a different cover and accessories. They definitely aren’t. In a nutshell, the DZ820e is like an upgrade of the PE770.

It’s kind of like a newer model year of an automobile. The basic functionality is the same.  

Some people who owned both felt that the DZ820e runs more smoothly than the PE770. However, that is something you can really only know by using both machines regularly.

Here is the full review of Brother dz820e embroidery machine.

Update: Brother has discontinued the production of both of these machines. Now you've the option to check the price of the latest and better version of PE770 (that is called PE800) at Amazon.                        

What Makes Them Awesome

One nice feature about both machines is that they allow you to backup or move forward by individual stitches when you’re in a pattern. You can even skip parts of the design if you want to leave something off.

Both machines are straightforward for beginners to use. You will need to read the manual and watch videos, and then have fun practicing. And then you’ll be creating your embroidered designs in no time.

You can purchase software to run on your computer and create your own designs. You just need to save them out as the special format onto a USB stick. Then you insert that into your embroidery machine, and you’re ready to go.

You can rotate the pattern 1, 10 or 90 degrees. This can be very useful if you’re embroidering along an edge and want the embroidery design to be a little off center.

Summary: Brother PE770 vs. Designio DZ820E

So when it comes down to the Brother DZ820e vs. PE770, which would I pick? I would choose the DZ820e for a few reasons.

The first is that it has updated technology in the onboard computer. It is a subtle difference, but people who have used both felt that the DZ820e was easier to use.

The second reason is that it comes with more goodies so you can dive in right away. Not much is worse than playing with a new toy and finding out you need something extra.

The DZ820e comes standard with three embroidery hoops:
• 5” x 7”
• 4” x 4”
• 2.5” x 1”

The PE770 only comes with the 5” x 7” size one. You’re getting more for your money with the DZ820e since the cost of the bobbins, thread and hoops would be more than the difference in price.

So while both machines will be great for machine embroidery, in the Brother Designio series DZ820e vs. PE770 debate, we think the DZ820e is a little bit better machine, but it's no longer made by Brother now.

Update: PE770 is also no longer available. Click here to check the current price of the latest and better version (Brother PE800) at Amazon.

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