How To Easily and Cheaply Create A Dollhouse Or Toy Storage?

This post is about how to create a dollhouse or toy storage.

I had an eventful weekend and prepping for food and cleaning of house squeezed all the energy in me. Anyways! Before I could drop in bed to catch up some beauty sleep, my daughter walked in with puppy eyes pleading me to buy one of the extravagant dollhouses.

My budget is hugely exhausted by the end of the month and fulfilling her demand was beyond my power. I laid out a plan and told her to let’s spend some time together. She knew whenever we spent time; we enjoyed it to tilt. I am glad she gave in to my request and our quest for creating a dollhouse started.

When we were creating it, I realized that this design of mine could also serve the purpose to those parents who are struggling to keep small toys out of sight and in a most organized and creative way. Read till the end to understand what I mean. So, without further ado let’s get rolling here.


Materials required

You will need a few things

  1. A box (I used 10X4 inch box)
  2. Hot glue or standard glue
  3. Fabric glue
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. The fabric of your choice (I have used Cambridge that was lying in my house) two meters long or you can use different fabrics like I did to create a more attractive piece.

Tip: Use extra pillow covers that you are not using anymore. They are stiff and will also clean out some space from your closet.

  1. Sewing machine (optional)

Step 1:

Once you have a box of your desire, dissect the box. Once you have all the pieces ready, take the larger sides of the box measure the fabric and cut along. You can do this easy way too. You can fix both the sides of the box on the fabric and cut along the middle part.


Step 2:

Separate them by leaving the seams to fold in. Once you have two different pieces, these will serve the purpose of side walls to your dollhouse or toy storage bin.

separate walls of dollhouse

Step 3:

Secure the seams with the glue. I have used fabric glue here. Use any glue of your choice that can hold it securely.


Make sure you only glue three sides and leave the fourth as it is, as we will be adding extra fabric to create the floor of the dollhouse shaped storage bin.


Step 4:

Attach the main fabric that will serve the purpose of the outer wall and sew along or fix it with glue, I attached it with glue and stitched along the seam lines.


Step 5:

Once your walls are ready, measure your triangles that should be the in the length of side walls and cut the cardboard.

In total you should have two triangles, (I used 4-inch width and the from the tip 3 inch tall) cut two mirrored triangles for the roof. Also, cut two mirrored rectangles to fix the roof.

One base, two long walls, and two short side walls. In total, you should have nine pieces. Make sure you repeat the process mentioned above for each section to cover every inch of cardboard into the fabric.






Step 6:

Once you have roof pieces ready, time to sew all of them along or glue the pieces. I wanted to make a little more durable, so I chose to sew it.



Step 7:

Time to sew or glue the remains of the base, walls, and side walls of the dollhouse. You can start stitching or glue from corner and glue until you have a box ready.

box ready for a dollhouse

Mickey is pleased to have found a home.


Step 8:

Attach the roof to the box and it should look something like this.


Step 9:

Straps are hanging out two from the front roof, two from the sides of the ceiling. We have a handle at the top. We stitched the straps while sewing the roof. There are two snap buttons added to the front wall of the storage bin.

To sew the snap buttons, you need to do is get the snap buttons and sew along the holes of the button to fix the buttons. The pit of the button should be set on the wall, and the point should be set on the straps.



Step 10:

Once you have these ready, your dollhouse is ready. However, we have added a few details such as door and window.

door n windows on the dollhouse

At the end of the day! I could sleep peacefully as my daughter has a small dollhouse rather than just a plastic dollhouse that would have consumed more space in her room. This house can comfortably hold two drawers of small toys.

I look forward to some sleep now, and I wish to catch you all with one more intriguing project next week.

Mickey mouse carries this to his friend’s house and adorably refers it as the most comfortable home. 😉




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