Janome HD1000 vs HD3000: Expectation vs Reality

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With model numbers like HD1000 and HD3000, you would think that the Janome HD3000 would be a better machine than the Janome HD1000.


But is that really the case?

In this review, I’ll compare the two heavy-duty (that’s what the “HD” stands for) side by side, so you can compare their features and benefits and hopefully pick a “winner” - the machine that is best for you.

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Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


What Are the Differences between the Janome HD1000 and the HD3000?

Let’s start this Janome HD1000 vs Janome HD3000 comparison by first taking a quick look at the main features side by side in the table below. Then I’ll describe some of them in more detail afterwards.

ModelJanome HD1000Janome HD3000
Number of Stitches1418
Feed Dog Pieces37
ButtonholeOne 4-stepOne 1-step
Maximum Stitch Length (mm)44
Maximum Stitch Width (mm)56.5
Tension ControlManualManual
Needle Threader?YesYes
Reverse Stitch MechanismLeverButton
Bobbin WindingPush-PullAuto De-Clutch
Bobbin LoadingFrontTop
Foot Pressure Adjustment?NoYes
WorkSpace WxH (in.)6.4 x 4.76.5 x 4.6
Weight (lbs.)16.818.7

What Accessories Do I Get with Each Machine? Janome HD1000 vs HD3000

The HD1000 has:

  1. A specialized bobbin, 
  2. A rolled hem foot, 
  3. And a zig-zag foot.

You can get these (and dozens more) for the HD1000, but they will cost you extra.

The black version of the HD1000 (which is the same as the white in all respects except color) includes:

  1. A general-purpose foot, 
  2. A blind hem foot, 
  3. A sliding buttonhole foot, 
  4. A zipper foot, 
  5. Bobbins,
  6. And needles.

The HD3000 gives you these feet:

  1. Buttonhole, 
  2.  Zipper,
  3. Overedge, 
  4. Blind Hem Foot,
  5. Rolled Hem Foot  

Does the Bobbin Load Location Make a Difference?

Theoretically, the place and direction in which you load your bobbin shouldn’t really matter, at least, not as far as the actual working of the machine.

What does matter for sewists, is that they like to see the quantity of thread left on the bobbin.

You can’t easily do this on a front-loading bobbin. Furthermore, the top-load bobbin is much easier to use than the front-load bobbin.

So you might prefer the HD3000 with its top loader for this reason.

Do I Really Need an Adjustable Presser Foot?

The reason you would adjust the presser foot pressure is to control how the feed dogs and the presser foot work with each other.

Different amounts of pressure work better with different weights and thicknesses of fabrics.

When the pressure is correct, the fabric moves properly through the machine, and your stitches are more regular and consistent.

The fabric matches better, top to bottom. And sewing doesn’t mess with the tension so much.

So, yes, being able to adjust the presser foot is a very good thing, and it is something the HD1000 does not have.

If you work with a variety of fabrics, you probably would prefer the HD3000.

Is the HD3000 Better Than the HD1000?

Overall, after the Janome HD3000 vs HD1000 comparison, I would say that the HD3000 (as we expected) is the better of the two machines.

It’s especially the bobbin load mechanism and the adjustable presser foot that make the difference.

There are other differences, as noted, but these aren’t quite as important.

Of course, you will pay a more for the HD3000, but that amount really isn’t significantly more than the cost of the Janome HD1000.

Both are good, heavy-duty machines that can easily handle several layers of many types of fabric.

You’ll have to decide if the extra cost is worth the extra features that the Janome HD3000 (full review) gives you. 

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