Sew What Pro vs Embrilliance: Differences and Similarities

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Sew What Pro and Embrilliance Essentials are both embroidery editing software. They can be used on computers to create your own designs as well as edit pre-made designs. 


But which should you choose? Read on for the differences and similarities between Sew What Pro and Embrilliance Essentials.

Similarities: Embrilliance Essentials vs Sew what pro

For Embrilliance Essentials vs Sew What Pro, it helps to look first at where they’re similar.

Free trial and customer support:

Sew What Pro and Embrilliance both have a limited time free trial. Both are interested in positive customer experience and do try to work with the customer. You should test and use the trial to ensure it works well for you.

Since they’re committed to their customers, they both have lots of video training and documentation on their websites.

Main editing features:

Technically, they both can reposition, resize, flip, rotate and delete a stitch pattern. 

And they both allow you to merge patterns that will enable you to take two different patterns and create your own embroidered design.

Upgrade modules:

Both have upgrades to do enhanced alphabets and making designs from photographs. And as an additional note, as everyone will tell you, it’s not going to be exactly like the photograph. You’re digitizing the picture.

Simulation of stitches:

Both of these programs can simulate the real-time stitching so you can see how the process will look on the fabric.

Differences: Sew what pro vs Embrilliance

Now let’s dive into the differences between Sew What Pro and Embrilliance.

The Number of Supported file formats:

While both can read in and write a lot of stitch and machine formats, Sew What Pro edges out Embrilliance Essentials. Sew What Pro reads in 30 formats and writes out 20 formats. Embrilliance reads in 28 formats and writes out 16 formats.

Windows and MAC Compatibility:

Embrilliance has their program available to run natively on Windows and Mac. SewWhat-Pro is designed for Windows. They support it running on a Mac, but it requires an emulator.

So Embrilliance Essentials is the winner on this one. Native programs always run faster and have a better interface than emulated software.

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Print real design and templates:

Embrilliance allows you to print out the design so you can get it placed and lined up properly in the hoop on the machine.

You can print out the design in Sew What Pro; however, it’s more for your own records rather than an exact size design to help you with the stitching.

Density and Pull compensation:

Sew What Pro includes density adjustment and pull compensation. You would need to purchase Enthusiast to do that.

Density adjustment is the number of stitches to fill in an area. It comes in handy when you have a design that has gaps in stitches. 

And pull compensation comes in handy to avoid distortion on final stitch output. You'll get the same stitches on your fabric as you see in the program.

It's the adjustment that you need to do on the software to determine how much thread stays on the top of the fabric. If you don’t compensate, the design will be uneven and look weird and different.

Working with Individual stitches:

Sew What Pro allows you to delete individual stitches. Embrilliance Essentials will allow you to delete parts of a design based on color.

However, you would need Embrilliance Enthusiast to edit the individual stitches. So Sew What Pro is the winner if you need to make a lot of single stitch adjustments.

Auto Stitch Recalculations:

Embrilliance essentials will do the auto stitch recalculations whenever you resize your stitches. You don't have to adjust the density or anything it will do it for you all the time. 

With the SewWhat Pro, you have to adjust the density every time you resize, if you don't click on the auto adjustment advance settings option. There is an option in Sew What Pro to auto adjust the density and aspect ratio whenever you do resize.

Which one is more affordable?

SWP is cheaper than Embrilliance. It's almost half the price of the Embrilliance.

Best for Beginners

Both are easy to use and beginners friendly. Both are the best embroidery editing programs for beginners.

Both have great online communities that are very helpful with questions ( Embrilliance Facebook page, Sew What Pro group). They teach you how to do everything from beginners guides to advanced tips and tricks.

Both have an intuitive user interface, you can find what you’re looking for easily. You will be more likely to use the software if it’s easy and provides what you want rather than fighting an interface.

Both have everything you will need to get started and grow with your hobby or business. 

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Best for Advanced

Sew What Pro gives you better control over individual stitches which may be important to you.

If you want to have multiple hoop designs, then you will want Embrilliance Essentials, and invest in Enthusiast to take your designs to the next level.

Both have the modules to excite any pro embroiderer.

Final Thoughts: Embrilliance vs Sew what pro

The bottom line is that both are good for beginners. 

If you are on a budget, choose sew what pro. If you have Mac, you should go for Embrilliance. SWP requires an emulator which I don't like.

Ultimately, though, you need to look at the file formats that your embroidery machine can read, and the file types of the designs that you’ll most commonly be using.

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