Singer 14T968DC Review: Make Smart Decision In 2024

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Are you tired of manually finishing your stitches? And doing the hems with a regular sewing machine?


Are you a type of sewist who has a lot of sewing tasks on your plate?

If so, you should check out SINGER pro 5. Read our Singer 14t968dc review below. Find out how it helps your sewing projects.

SINGER 14T968DC is a serger with a five thread cover stitch. A stitch that ensures your projects look professional. 

You can choose from different thread stitch options. Pick 2/3/4/5 to use in various applications. 

The tension is automatically adjusted. So, the stitches are balanced and proportioned.  

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What is the motor power of the SINGER Pro 5?

The Singer Professional 5 has a motor that delivers 1300 stitches per minute. That number of stitches is serious stitching power. It means you complete your projects that much quicker.

Keeps your space clean and is lightweight

There's no need to worry about a messy workplace anymore. The attachable clean pocket catches the trimmed cloth and fabric. 

And it's easy to carry with its ergonomically designed handle. And it's light too. 

Presser foot lift

You can lift the presser to the extra high slot and get the clearance you need for thick fabrics. Not all machines have this option. It means you can work with more layers of material.  

Blade to trim the seam allowance

Another significant feature? The movable knife for trimming the extra seam allowance. It makes finishing the garments so much neater.

Don't want to trim the fabric? No problem. Keep the knife in its nonworking position. 

Soft dust cover

The Singer Professional 5 comes with a dust cover. Great to protect it from the dust and the odd scrape. But it's not a hard shell cover. 

What are the product features of the SINGER Pro 5?

The SINGER Pro 5 has a variety of stitches that are picture perfect. 

  • Self Adjusting Tension System

The Self Adjusting tension system is an essential time saver for you.

Turn a dial to choose the stitch you want. The machine automatically adjusts the tension to the right setting.

  • Differential Feed

With the SINGER Pro 5, you can adjust the differential feed dogs. So, you control the amount of fabric feeding between the feed dogs and presser foot. It means you produce outstanding stitch quality on many different types of fabrics. 

Without the feed adjustment, you would end up with puckered stitches.

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Can you cover stitch?

The Singer 14t968dc Professional 5 Serger is fabulous when it comes to cover stitches. Your hems look neat and professionally finished. You can choose from  the following options:

  • A triple cover stitch.
  • The narrow and wide cover stitch. 
  • A choice of 3, 4 or 5 threads to sew your cover stitches. 
  • Sewing with two or three needles to create a many stitched look.

Two In One: Serger And Cover Stitch

This serger acts like two machines in one. Ideal for the sewer who needs to do both.

But you do have to change the setup each time to switch between cover stitch and serger. A small price to pay even if it takes a little getting used to. 

For those who don't want both. Set the serger up as a cover stitch machine by disengaging the knife. And use the Brother 1034d serger for your overlocking needs.

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Can I sew heavy fabrics with it?

This machine is designed for home usage. Yes, it can sew 2-3 layers of denim. But it does struggle to handle 4 or more layers of heavy fabric. 

You can raise the presser foot to a high position for heavy fabrics. But there is no presser foot pressure adjustment. You can end up with loose thread tension sometimes without that capability.  

And the self-adjusting tension system will not work in this scenario.

How to thread it?

The Singer 14t968dc Professional 5 comes with a color-coded threading diagram for easy threading. It still requires some patience and practice. But it's not that hard to learn. Just follow this video, and you're good to go. 

What are the limitations?

The Singer Professional 5 doesn't have a free arm. But you can still do free arm serging. It just takes a little practice. You can sew an open seam or in the round to do this. 

What kind of stitches can it produce? 

This serger has 12 built-in stitch options. It can produce 2-3-4-5 thread overlock stitches. As well as 4 rolled-hem stitches and 3 types of cover stitches.

It is easy to adjust the length and width of the stitches. So, you can sew wide or narrow and apply different techniques like applique.

It is also perfect for creating a double chain stitch. And a two thread overedge stitch.

What type of thread to buy for the Singer Pro 5?

Like most serger machines, the SINGER Pro 5 uses high quality 100% polyester thread.

Polyesters offers durability and strength. Even when exposed to high-speed sewing with the Singer Pro 5. It's widely available online and offline. 

Can the SINGER Pro 5 sew elastic?

                                                      Image source:

The good news is. Yes, you can. It comes with an elastic foot which exerts the tension you need for elastic.  You attach it to your skirt or other sewing projects.

Distributing fabric fullness evenly is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you haven't done it before. But once you know, you can use the elastic foot to achieve this effect.

Ordinary machines are not capable of exerting enough tension to sew elastic effectively.

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What is the seam guide plate and how do you install it?

Seam guide marking tells you the exact distance of your stitch from the needle. Just follow the seam guide to get a consistent straight lines of stitches. You can also use the tape to create your own seam guide.

This machine comes with a seam guide plate. The plate provides a flat working area for both the fabric and the seam guides. 

Use it when you need to sew:

  • Cover Stitch
  • Triple Cover Stitch
  • Chainstitch 

Installing it is straightforward. Open the looper cover, remove the knife cover and knife, then insert the Seam Guide Plate.

Only use this component after disengaging the knife and the lower looper.

What about regular sewing machine needles?

Don't use regular sewing needles. They won't work.

Only use the compatible needles, Singer #2022 size 14/90 and 11/80.


  • Built to be User-Friendly: Sergers can be complex. But not with the SINGER Pro 5. It has easy to use automatic features and functions not found in other machines. 
  • It includes a Cover stitch function that makes it a 2 in 1 sewing machine.
  • Quiet Operation and skip-free stitching: It has a metal frame that eliminates vibrations. 
  • Built with an Automatic Tension Control for balanced stitches.
  • Different Thread Capability such as 2-3-4-5.
  • Designed with Built-in Rolled Hems.
  • Adjustable stitch width and length.


  • The SINGER Pro 5 is a high-end machine with extra advanced, automatic options. And the price reflects the extras. A price that is reasonable. When you compared it to the lesser capability of the simpler serger only machines.
  • There is a learning curve to threading this serger. But it's doable and not  hard.
  • Lack of free arm is limiting but there is a workaround.

Should you buy it?

The Singer Serger 14t968dc has a plethora of functions. It is the perfect choice for a professional home machine.

You'll love the host of stitching techniques. And the easy-to-understand configuration.

You'll benefit from the accessories and the changeable components.

A definite recommendation for professionals and home users.

Final Verdict

The Singer 14T968DC cover stitch is a perfect choice.  

If you're opting for a machine with both overlock and cover stitch capabilities. Threading has a small learning curve. All it takes is to watch the videos and read a section of the manual. Not much of a price for perfect projects.

Are you on a hunt for a reasonably-priced serger, with high standards and quality? Place the SINGER Pro 5 at the top of your list. Click here to check the availability and price at Amazon.

If your budget is limited, try the Brother 1034d instead.

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  1. Both serger and a cover stitch machine
  2. Automatic thread tension adjustments
  3. Customizable stitch width and length


  1. Lack of free arm
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