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In short, It's a great machine for beginners, but not so good for experience sewists. If you're in a hurry, click here to view the Singer 2277 tradition sewing machine at Amazon.

However, if you want to read the full review, you'll find the quality in depth review below.

Features highlights
Built-in Stitches23
Width/Length adjustment Yes
Auto, 1-step
Internal FrameMetal
Free ArmYes
Twin NeedleYes
Needle positionsMultiple
Warranty25 years limited

Before you invest your more time and energy into this Singer 2277 review, let’s start by answering your most prominent questions first.

Is it suitable for the beginners?

The device falls into a beginner-level group. It means that the machine is built to accommodate people who have just started sewing.

It covers all the basic sewing needs, including 23 built-in types of stitches and fully-automatic one-step buttonhole. So, if you are a beginner, this machine is perfect for all of your sewing needs.

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What is the Dimension of Singer 2277 Sewing Machine?

This Singer tradition sewing machine model falls into the category of full-size machine. It’s wider than compact machines and gives you more space to work with fabric so that beginners can get an easier sewing experience.

Full-size machines are also more flexible to handle a wider range of sewing applications.

Despite the full-size title, the machine itself does not require huge space to store. The dimension of the machine is 38.1 cm X 15.7 cm X 30.5 cm (W X L X H) or in inches is 15" X 6.2" X 12”.

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It will fit on a desk or spare corner that you have at home. It’s not heavy either. At approximately 16.3 lbs, it’s portable enough, so you can move it around easily.

The dimension of this machine makes it perfect for those who need to carry their machine to the sewing classes. And despite the portability, the machine does not move during the sewing process.

You can expect to get professional-quality stitches without having to spend extra energy trying to keep the machine still.

Unboxing video:

What are the Basic Sewing Features and Accessories on this machine?

Now let’s look at some of the basic features and accessories on this sewing machine.

To ensure that the machine can resonate quickly with beginners, it has to be easy enough to operate while maintaining the number of manual adjustments that users can do.

Free Arm

This machine comes with a free arm. In order to work with difficult to reach tiny circular pieces of fabric, you need to snap off the area below the needle to access the free arm.

When you are done you can snap it back on, and work on other pieces of fabric.

While the free arm is useless if you are sewing long, straight pieces of fabric, it’s very useful to handle curved pieces like collars, cuffs, and other small pieces.

Is it spacious enough to handle the bigger projects?

Some of you may find that the average-size table of this machine is not spacious enough. It’s difficult for you to work on your quilts.

The size is more than sufficient for most beginners, though. If you just want to have a quilting machine, then read about quilting machines here.

Foot Pedal

As many modern sewing machines, this one also includes a standard foot pedal. It’s like the on-off button for the machine.

Ergonomically, using the foot to start/stop the sewing process is the perfect solution for sewing as it frees your hand to do other sewing operations.

Presser Feet

This machines only comes with basic feet supplies. You'll get the all-purpose presser foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot and a foot for sewing buttons.

This set of feet will get you just fine with regular sewing projects, but for a more advanced project, you might need to buy additional presser feet.

If you had a sewing machine before, you might be able to use your previous presser foot as long as it’s compatible, snap on and a low shank type.

If you do need to buy additional feet, such as the quarter-inch foot, darning (hopping) foot, and blind hem foot, make sure that you check their compatibility with Singer tradition 2277.

How many Stitches?

Does it come with a reverse stitch?

You can do reverse stitches by pushing the reverse lever to reinforce the result and secure the thread in the fabric at the beginning and the end of the stitching line.

Can you adjust length and width of stitches?

Another feature is to create bold satin and decorative stitches. You do so by applying different length and width for the stitches. The maximum length that you can use is 4 mm while the maximum width is 5 mm.

Longer stitch length is useful if you are working on heavier fabric. On the other hand, if you have light weight fabric, thread, and needle; use smaller stitch length.

There’s the manual control that lets you make the adjustments of stitches.

Automatic 1-step buttonhole

One fully automatic 1-step buttonhole feature where you can just set the locations of the buttonholes, place the fabric in the machine, and let it do the rest. The process is automated and beginner-friendly.

Automatic Bobbin Winding

One activity that sewist will do a lot in their sewing adventures is to wind thread into the bobbin. That’s why having an automatic bobbin winding feature helps sewists to save a lot of time.

You have to put the bobbin in the slot and let the machine wind the thread into the bobbin.

Automatic Needle Threader

While you can’t say that sewing is an easy activity, once you pick up the routines you can do it time and time again without any significant hurdles. But one thing that does not get easier by time is needle threading, especially with older eyes.

No matter how many times you’ve done it, those extremely thin threads always have difficulty finding their ways through the tiny holes at the needles.

Fortunately, Singer 2277 tradition sewing machine with automatic needle threader comes with a solution. You can use the automatic/assisted needle threader to do it.

A small inbuilt device near the needle that will swing through the eye of the needle and help you put the thread in its place.

Here is how you thread the machine:

First of all raise the needle, then you have to press the lever down, auto threader sewing in place for threading. Just pass the thread around the hook of threader and move the lever towards needle and machine will be threaded.

If you never use the automatic threader before, it will take the time to get the hang of it. Once you get used to it, you'll love it.

Not only this feature will save you a lot of time - as it will do the needle threading in a blink of an eye versus the minutes you’ll spend if you do it manually, but it will also save you from continuous eye strain trying to put the thread into the needle’s eye.

How effective is automatic needle threader?

Several users reported that this feature was a bit of hit and miss. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t.

It might only occur in a few faulty product on the line, or it might affect a broader line of products. Either way, it’s better that you are aware that such problem do exists.

What Kinds of Fabrics are Compatible with it?

Being a general full-size sewing machine, it is compatible with a wide range of fabrics both in weight and thickness, from silk to denim. But please note that different fabric might require a different needle.

You have to make sure that you are using the correct needle for the fabric that you are currently sewing.

Some fabrics require specialty needles,thread and presser feet. You might need to purchase them separately if they are not included in your machine’s supply. Please consult the manual for more information and to ensure that the machine is set up correctly.

You can also try the needle combination with a sample test fabric before sewing the main fabric to get the best stitch quality and balanced tension.

Please also note that this machine doesn’t give the best result when it’s used with multiple layers of thick fabrics like denim.

To get the best result from the machine, you might want to restrain yourself from working with fabrics that are too thick. Otherwise, invest in a best home sewing machine for leather.

Are the Thread Tension and Presser Foot Pressure adjustable?

Is the thread tension adjustable?

Other than choosing the right needle, another factor that will determine the quality of your stitches across different fabrics is the thread tension.

You can choose one of the settings, and the machine will adjust it automatically to fit the fabric that you are currently working on.

Is the presser foot pressure adjustable?

No, you can't. Similar to the tension control, the machine will automatically adjust the presser foot pressure to suit different fabrics.

Automatic settings are easier for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about how to get the right tension and pressure for different kind of fabrics.

But if you are more advanced user, you might want to have more control and prefer the non-automatic type.

Are there issues with automatic settings?

Sometimes, automatic settings can also cause problems. One user reported that the automatic thread tension feature caused the machine to jam when it’s doing the stitches.

If you happen to stumble into the machine with a similar problem, be sure to contact the service center to solve it.

What else this machine doesn't support?

It doesn’t come with automatic control for the needle stop position aka needle up/down option, automatic back tacks, or automatic thread trimming.

What about the built quality, pricing, and warranty?

Built Quality and Pricing

Even though the machine is using plastic casing, but the core of the machine is a heavy duty metal frame.

This rigid skeleton holds all the mechanism in the perfect alignment to make sure that you’ll get a skip-free sewing experience and a long-lasting, durable machine.

While the built quality of 2277 are not of those entry-level sewing machines, the pricing is. The machine is available at a very affordable price.

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One more factor that usually influence customer’s buying decision is the warranty. You can see how confident are manufacturers of their products by the kind of warranty they offer.

Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine comes with 25 years of limited warranty.

If you are the kind of person who secretly hopes that your machine would break as an excuse to buy a new one---kidding ;), you’d be waiting a long time before you have your excuse.

What is the Summary?

Singer 2277 is a reliable sewing machine that is built with beginners in mind. The main selling points for this device is the low-pricing, good build quality, and generous warranty.

The fully-automatic one-step button, automatic needle threading, and 23 stitches patterns can sweeten the deal for those who are still considering the machine.

The machine might not be perfect for sewists who wanted to have full control on all of the sewing features. More experienced users might want to consider a higher class of professional sewing machines.

But when the time comes when you become more serious about sewing, and you are thinking about graduating to a more advanced model, this would make a good backup machine or the one that you could bring to classes.

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