Singer 4432 vs 5532: How they stack up against each other?

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This comparison article is regarding the Singer 4432 vs 5532. Which is the superior product? Well, the best way to find out is to compare them head to head.


The Bottom Line    

If you need to buy a Singer sewing machine now and don’t have time to read the entire review, here’s the gist.

The 5532 and the 4432 are exactly the same regarding performance. The only minimal difference between 4432 and 5532 is of color. 

Although both are same, you should go with the Singer 4432 because it's more popular than the 5532.  

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Design Comparison:

Both are gray, though the 5532 has a somewhat greenish tinge and is a lighter gray than the 4432 darker gray tone.

The 4432 has a large white dial, while on the 5532 the dial is gray.

Stitches Comparison:

The 5532 and the 4432 have 32 stitches each, one buttonhole, 18 decoratives, seven stretch and six basics. Because there are a lot of stitches to choose from, you can be practical or creative depending on what you like.

The 4432 and 5532 use the same mechanism for the stitches. The quality is the same, though the performance depends on the fabric you are working on.

Maximum stitch width is the same up to 6 mm for decorative and satin stitches.

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Presser Feet Comparison:

The 5532 and 4432 come with four presser feet including a button sewing foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot and an all-purpose foot.

On both of these, you can adjust the pressure of the presser foot to work with different fabrics.

An extra high presser foot lifter is also bundled with the 5532 and the 4432.

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Speed Comparison:

Both have a maximum motor speed of 1100 stitches/minute.

The stitch speed has no discernible adverse effect on performance. Even at 1100 stitches per second, the quality is consistent. You can, of course, slow down or speed up the process depending on what you sew.

Both have had their motor pumped up and now delivers 60% more power than others. This is what allows you to finish your project quickly.

Price Comparison:

The 5532 sometimes costs a few more dollars, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Since the two have similar features, many retailers sell them at the same price.

If you notice a significant disparity in price, it is probably due to one of the products being discounted, second hand or refurbished. Just make sure you buy a new one and with the lesser price tag.  

Noise Comparison:

The singer 5532 vs 4432 are both relatively quiet. The motor does make some noise especially when you stitch at high speeds.

Durability Comparison:

Both the 4432 and the 5532 have durable internal metal frames.

Verdict For The Singer 4432 vs 5532:

If you compare Singer 5532 and Singer 4432, you’ll notice there's are the same except for the color. You can go with either of the two, and you'll not be disappointed.

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