Singer 7258 vs Brother CS6000i: The Untold Comparison

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The Singer 7258 vs Brother cs6000i debate has been going on for a long time, and yet the question remains: which is the better sewing machine for the user?


There’s only one way to find out, do a comparison review, so we took a detailed look at both and pitted them head to head.

The Bottom Line

In a hurry to buy the sewing machine? Here’s the bottom line:

•    The Singer 7258 offers more when it comes to decorative stitches. It also has more stitches built in.

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•    The cs6000i has better quilting options and is faster.

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Which Have More Stitches?

The 7258 has 100 stitches built in while the cs6000i has just 60. The cs6000i has only 20 decorative stitches while the Singer has 76.

However the Brother is equipped with more everyday stitches, 20 against only 9 for the Singer 7258. The CS6000i also comes with seven quilting matches, so it is more convenient for those who want to learn quilting.

To sum up the cs6000i stitches: there are seven buttonholes, six heirlooms, seven quilting, 20 garment construction and 20 decoratives.

With the Singer 7258, you get seven buttonholes, 76 decoratives, eight stretch and nine basic stitches.

For decorative work, the Singer 7258 has more options while the CS6000i has the edge in quilting options.

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It's easy to select the stitches with the help of buttons on both machines.  

Which Have More Snap-on Presser Feet Included?

No Brother cs6000i vs Singer 7258 comparison is complete without comparing their presser feet.

The Singer comes with ten snap-on presser feet:

•    Quarter inch

•    Rolled Hem

•    Gathering Foot

•    Darning & Embroidery

•    Overcasting

•    Satin stitch

•    Blind Hem

•    Buttonhole

•    Zipper

•    All purpose

The cs6000i has nine presser feet including the walking and quilting feet.

•    Button fitting

•    Blind stitch

•    Walking foot

•    Buttonhole

•    Zipper

•    Spring action quilting

•    Monogramming

•    Zigzag

•    Overcasting

Which is Better for Quilting?

The cs6000i wins here since it has a quilting table while the 7258 does not. Although cs6000i is a basic machine for quilting, it should be sufficient to meet the needs of new quilters.

Because the Brother has an extension table, it’s more practical for a lot of people.

You cannot drop feed dogs on the 7528, but you can do this with the cs6000i. One benefit of the 7258 is it does have a feed dog cover if you want to work on a table runner and other small quilting projects. 

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Which is Better for Large Projects?

The cs6000i can handle bigger projects than the 7258. Are you going to work on a large project? Simply attach the table that comes with cs6000i. When you’re done, remove it.

The 7258 doesn’t have this feature, so the cs6000i has the advantage here.

Which is More Versatile?

As was mentioned above, the 7258 has more stitches. If you want to be creative and fancy, you’ve got a lot of options here. The cs6000i however, has more quilting options.

You can use both for various home decor projects, handbags and clothing. Both are also capable of handling several layers of fabric.

Which is Faster?

When you compare Brother cs6000i vs Singer 7258 speed, the cs6000i wins as it can go up to 850 stitches per minute compared to 750 for the Singer.

Anyone who’s done stitching knows that spm makes a huge difference, especially here since it’s 100 spm.

Both the Singer and the 6000i come with speed control, so you can stitch at the pace you like. 

What is the Cost Difference?

The cost difference between cs6000i and 7258 depends on where you buy, but usually, the 7258 costs more.

Which is Noisier Brother cs6000i or Singer 7258?

Both are relatively quiet and won’t raise a ruckus while you’re using them.

What are the Differences Between CS6000i and 7258?

The cs6000i is the lighter of the two, but both are still portable.

The 7258 stitches up to a width of 6 mm while the cs6000i can do up to 7 mm. This difference might not seem like a lot, but for stitches that can be significant.

Other notable differences that should be pointed out:

•    The 7258 has a DVD training guide while the cs6000i doesn’t. But it doesn't matter as you can find lots of YouTube Videos for free. 

•    The cs6000i has a hard-sided cover while the 7258 has a soft one.

•    There are 13 needle positions on the Singer 7258 which is more than the variable needle positions which cs6000i has to offer.

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Why Should I Choose the Brother cs6000i?

If you are looking for hardcover, walking foot, extension table, drop feed dog, more speed and want to work with quilts go with this machine. It also provides you more options with everyday stitches.

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Why Should I Choose the Singer 7258?

With 100 stitches the 7258 gives you more options and flexibility with decorative stitches. If you are into decorative stitches and don't do quilting go with it. 

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Verdict: Singer 7258 vs Brother cs6000i

So who’s the winner in the Brother cs6000i vs 7258 battle? Well, it depends on what you need as the cs6000i and the Singer 7258 excel in different aspects.        

In general, the cs6000i is more suited for beginners, while the 7258 should appeal to those who want more advanced features. Both, however, offer good value for your money and are dependable.    

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