Best Cyber Monday Sewing Machine Deals for 2023 – Don’t miss out

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Updated: Nov. 29, 2023.

Once upon a time, Black Friday was on a Friday and Cyber Monday was on a Monday. Now the lines have blurred a bit. Ok, a lot.

We now have Cyber Monday Deals Week. And it’s continuing to expand.

Cyber Monday was the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend when everyone would get back to work and have access to the internet.

Not everyone had it at home back then. Retailers saw a huge push of people purchasing online and offered some amazing online-only sales.

So, now Cyber Monday, like Black Friday, is the whole Thanksgiving weekend plus a day on either side.

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Note: All the discounts mentioned on this page are subject to availability and may change.   

Brother Sewing Machine Cyber Monday Deals

Last year, Brother had some great prices on their most popular sewing and embroidery machines.

The Amazon Cyber Monday Sewing Machine Deals in 2022 were amazing for this Brand. You could get some terrific deals, but you had to know when to log on to the website to get them.

Where are the best brother sewing machine Cyber Monday deals? It's over!

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I recommend the Brother sewing machines. They’re easy to set up and use and are geared for helping beginners start successfully.

Plus, their embroidery machines are the easiest to use and have a large variety of designs available.

Singer sewing machine Cyber Monday Deals

Last year, Singer had some great Cyber Monday deals on their Heavy Duty line of sewing machines. You could find some good prices on their other full-size computerized sewing machines.

The singer is also another great brand. They have got the oldest running business than other sewing machine manufacturer. They went through a few bad years, and are now one of the leaders in quality as well as price.

Their budget heavy duty machines are the best in the industry for sewing through just about anything. And the metal frame keeps the stitches straight and accurate.

Here are some of the best Singer sewing machine Cyber Monday deals to look for in 2023. They're over!

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Janome Sewing Machine Cyber Monday Deals

Janome has put some of their sewing machines available for Cyber Monday sales. They don’t often put their sergers on sale, though. That’s part of the fun, though, is finding out what sewing machines they’re putting on special this year.

Janome first name was New Home. Janome is an industry leader in the high-end computerized sewing machines that could produce quality embroidery designs.

They worked to create a lower cost line that would have the same quality and accuracy that their high-end sewing machines were known for.

Many people feel like the less expensive Janome sewing machines are just as good as the higher end ones for flexibility and ability to sew well on a variety of fabrics.

Check today's prices and availability of Janome machines via Amazon.

What Should I Know?

What I want to tell you about is that major retailers do have online-only offers that are separate from their in-store offers. And you want to stay on top of them because you can get some great deals on sewing machines and accessories.

Have you been wanting a professional iron or a pressing machine? Maybe you’re looking at adding in a serger to your craft room?

Another great find would be a dress form if you enjoy sewing clothes. It can help a lot if you’re learning how to fit properly. And it’s essential if you’re learning how to drape your clothing instead of using standard pattern pieces.

How Do I Find These Deals?

I’m going to be tracking the sales and updating this website when I find the goodies that are real deals.

Some of the online deals are time sensitive. So it’s important to know when to jump in to buy your new sewing machine at a great discount.

And you will want to be watching out for Pre Cyber Monday deals for sewing machines. The retail industry is trying to get people to purchase more. So the sales start sooner.

What Should I Look For?

First, you should know what you want the sewing machine for and what is your budget.

Are you thinking of upgrading your machine? Perhaps you are looking for a sewing machine for a present.

Do some research as to what machine you want for your first, second and third choices. And come up with a list of important features you’re looking for.

That way, if you see a different brand or different model that’s similar and a great price, you’ll be ready to buy it when the price is at its lowest.

And as I mentioned, it could be a good time to look for other types of machines like embroidery or sergers. And it could be a great time to get some accessories like a hemline marker if you enjoy sewing skirts.

Nothing is better than having all the tools you need for the type of sewing that you enjoy doing.

Also, it’s good to remember to look at both Amazon and Walmart for your Cyber Monday sewing machine deals. And remember that the discounts will regularly be changing throughout the Cyber Monday 2023.

How Should I Prepare?

First, you should come up with a list of what you’re looking for and your budget. With the help of our guides and top picks, you’ll know what features are most important to you.

Check out our guides below:

 The guides to pick the top-rated beginner sewing machines, top-rated quilting sewing machines, embroidery machines for hats, how to select the amazing leather sewing machine, and tips to hand pick a monogramming machine

Also, know what the current price is. That way, you’ll know if the Cyber Monday price is a good deal or if you should wait for another sale time.

Keep your list in a safe place and then come back and check our pages for updates.

You could also sign up for emails from major retailers, and they’ll keep you up to date with all of their offers. The downside is having to sort through every product just to find the sewing related ones.

I can also recommend these three brands. They have excellent sewing machines and have a wide variety of attachments and accessories that you can use to make your sewing easier.

What Else Should I Know

Most people look to Amazon for Cyber Monday Sewing Machine deals. But other major retailers are trying to get in on the market. I already mentioned Walmart. There’s also Joanns and Overstock.

And Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just in the US. You can find Cyber Monday sewing machine deals in 2023 for the UK and Canada. They’ve fully embraced eCommerce and now want to provide specials for as many people as possible.


Remember that the retailers are trying to get you to stay on their websites and look at all of their special bargains. They want you to get swept up in a buying frenzy and spend as much money as possible.

You just need to know what machine you want to buy, and rest leave it to me and come back here in the holiday season, as I do all the hard work for you, and list the best possible deals here for the Cyber Monday.

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