Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review: Why it’s Popular?

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The Brother CS6000i sewing machine has been a popular model for a long time. In our detailed review, we reveal the reasons why it remains a favorite with both the beginner and the experienced sewists.


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Who is this machine best suited for?

This sewing machine is suitable for beginners. Experience sewists find it useful as a backup versatile machine.

At a low cost you can use the automation features to tackle a wide range of sewing and quilting projects:

  • Making clothes and costumes with different types of materials.
  • Sewing cuffs, hems, and sleeves.
  • Sew a zipper.
  • Pleating.
  • Sew decorative stitching on a sleeve.
  • Quilting.

The finish is just as good as any work by a professional. Your creativity is enhanced by the quality of the stitches.

If you are a professional sewist using your machine for work, this is not the machine for you. It’s not designed or built for constant heavy use.

Neither is it the right machine to buy if you are using thick or tough materials like leather.

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Is it easy to use?

This is where it comes into its own:

  • There is the quick-set top drop-in bobbin. It's jam-resistant and saves time setting up and using the thread.
  • The numbered diagram on all the appropriate threading spots is especially helpful for first-timers.
  • The machine takes care of the needle threading automatically. Just press a lever, and you're set.
  • The LCD makes it easy to set up your features. However, LCD is not that big. The LCD shows you which presser foot to use with each stitch, so you don’t have to keep referring to the manual.
  • And take comfort the LCD displays an error message if you’re doing something wrong.
  • The start and stop buttons for use without a foot control or to stop the needle so you can reposition the fabric.
  • The variable controls allow you to adjust the speed of each stretch. And keeps a constant rate without worrying about maintaining the same pressure on the pedal.
  • A simple push of a button to change to reverse.
  • The needle position key makes the machine to stop the needle in either its highest or lowest point. You don't have to bring the needle in down position while sewing. It's a great time saver. 
  • Your accessories are quick to access in a compartment on the arm of the sewing machine.
  • Manual sharp thread cutter.
  • Remember to use the simple step by step guide in the user manual.

All these features help the beginner become proficient without stress. It makes sewing the joy that it should be for all sewists. 

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What fabrics can it handle?

There is a wide variety of fabrics you can use to sew with the Brother sewing machine cs6000i:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Cotton -linen blend
  • Polyester-cotton blends
  • Wool
  • Silks
  • Stretch knits
  • Lycra
  • Yoga wear
  • Faux leather
  • Fleece, don't go for too heavy fleece.
  • Denim and Canvas (see below)

You needn’t have any fears sewing with stretchy fabrics. As long as you use the walking foot and a ballpoint needle. Some folks even say they haven’t needed to use the ballpoint needle. It’s advisable though to use a new needle.

The only catch with this Brother sewing machine cs 6000i? It’s not designed to handle thick or bulky materials like upholstery or real leather. Especially if you are a beginner.

An experienced sewer might be successful, but it’s a big ask. It’ll take dogged determination, bigger needles and plenty of time.

If you need to sew with these heavier materials look to buy an industrial strength machine.

It’s similar to working with denim and canvas. You can make denim clothes or hem denim jeans if you go slowly and work carefully. You may have to use the hand wheel versus the foot pedal depending on the thickness.

And hemming cotton canvas is much the same. Remember to use the right needle (90/14 -- 100/16) that is new and take it slow. A novice might find it difficult.

With a little experience, sewing with denim and canvas is manageable.

How many stitches does it come with?

The brother deluxe electronic sewing machine - cs6000i has a selection of 60 stitches:

  • Overcasting stitches.
  • Blind Hem.
  • Basic stitches.
  • Buttonhole stitches (7 styles).
  • Straight stitch for zipper insertion.
  • Stretch stitches.
  • Decorative stitches (20 in all including fagoting, joining, shell tuck and satin scallop).
  • Quilt stitches.
  • Patchwork.
  • Applique.
  • Bar Tack.

There are sewing machines with up to 100 stitch patterns. But for beginners, 60 stitches are more than enough to keep you busy and unrestricted in what you can sew.

Even the intermediate and advanced sewists will have plenty of projects to choose from with this brother 60 stitch sewing machine.

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And can you adjust stitches?

All the stitches have automatic settings. You set them using the LCD screen. There is no need to stress about adjusting the stitch width and length. Just enter the number and away you go.

But if you do want to, use the option on the LCD screen to go manual change the settings.

How fast is the Brother CS6000i and is it adjustable?

The brother cs-6000i has a top speed of 850 stitches per minute. But you can operate at a slower pace.

Use the adjustable speed control to select any of three settings: slow, medium and fast.

This feature is especially important. It allows you to slow the speed if you’re working with a thicker fabric.

It also helps if you have difficulty operating the foot pedal to get the required speed. Or you accidentally press the pedal harder than you want.

It caps the speed and stops you zooming out of control.

If you’re a beginner, the fast speed is scary.

Starting with the slow pace allows you to gain confidence. When you feel comfortable, move to the higher rates.

Taking this approach makes it a breeze for teaching younger children to sew.

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How about the foot control pedal?

Yes, the brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine comes with a foot control pedal, and it works fine.

If you just want a break from using your foot. Just switch to the three-speed setting.

Is this machine portable or not?

Yes, it’s weight is 13 lbs. It’s just a little lighter than airline carry-on baggage. So, it’s not too heavy to lift but perhaps a little awkward.

Easy enough if you’re carrying it from one room to another. But to take it to your sewing class or on vacation (if that is your want) you’ll need to use the carrying case.

Can you quilt with this machine?

Although it doesn't have a big arm, you can do quilting with it. The sturdy detachable extra-wide table somewhat compensates for the small space.

There are preset quilting stitches like zig zag, applique, hand-look, and stippling. Use the zig zag stitch when it comes to the binding as it looks better and lays flatter than the straight stitch. 

It can handle three layers of a quilt with little effort.

There’s a walking foot that gives you greater accuracy placing your stitches. And it allows a smoother feeding of the many layers. Note the manual advises:

  • only use the walking foot with straight or zigzag stitches at a slow or medium speed
  • you can’t sew reverse stitches with it.

The quilting guide helps you sew evenly spaced rows. Baby quilts are small sized, so you can use the free-motion quilting foot if you prefer.

You can also do free motion quilting, drop the feed dogs and use the spring action quilting foot to quilt. 

Will it be your first time at quilting? The guide in the user manual provides clear instructions on what to do.

Can you Embroider or Monogram?

It's not an embroidery or monogram machine, and it doesn't come with an embroidery hoop.

But, you can do free motion embroidery by using the spring action quilting foot. Similarly, you can free-hand monograms letters. It does take a little practice though. 

If you need an embroidery machine, then head over to this section

Is the thread tension adjustable?

There is no automatic tension control. This is a little annoying for the beginners to adjust the preset tension settings.

But the thread tension is adjustable and doesn’t take long to master using the manual dial. 

How many foot choices do you get?

The Brother 6000i sewing machine comes standard with 9 types of feet:

  1. Walking.
  2. Overcasting.
  3. Spring Action Quilting.
  4. Buttonhole.
  5. Zigzag.
  6. Monogramming.
  7. Button Fitting.
  8. Zipper.
  9. Blind Stitch.

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Does it have a free-arm?

Yes, the free arm is built-in. Making it effortless to sew cuffs and sleeves. Same with hems on kids pants. In fact, it makes sewing any small circular item painless even for a beginner.

Is the light bright enough?

This aspect of a sewing machine is always contentious. Brother claims the CS6000i provides an ‘extra bright’ work area with its Dual LED lighting.

But some customers report they struggled and found it a little dim, so you may have to set up an extra desk lamp.

Is it Noisy?

As with the light so with the noise level. This is often a matter of personal tolerance. There is little complaint about the usual operating sound of the CS6000i.

But some sewists have commented on how the noise ramps up when sewing on the highest speed setting. This wouldn’t be a reason for discounting buying the machine.

How well made is it?

The Brother sewing machine comes at an economical price. Despite this, the casing is a durable plastic. And there are few complaints in the Brother CS6000i reviews about not being made of metal.

How helpful is the manual?

The manual is comprehensive, which covers:

  • Knowing your sewing machine.
  • Sewing basics.
  • Utility stitches.
  • Appendix.

Each section has diagrams to support the wording. These help you master every function of the machine.

The chapter on “Sewing Basics” gets the beginner going in next to no time. And the explanation of the “Utility Stitches” is helpful to even the experienced sewists.

Often you skip over the safety warnings of manuals. They’re usually the same for all electrical appliances.

But it’s worth noting that Warning #4 alerts you of the need to keep any air openings free of blockage. A blockage stopping ventilation can lead to overheating.

And a couple of extra reminders to everyone:

  • Always use the proper needle plate.
  • Don’t use damage needles.
  • Don’t pull or push fabric while stitching no matter how hard that is to resist doing *smile*.

As well as the manual there is an Installation Manual to guide you to a stress-free startup.

And a Specification sheet which is useful to check you’ve received everything. It’s also a quick reference for reminding you of the features you may have forgotten to use.

What’s the warranty like?

You may have read the machine has a 25-year limited warranty.

Well, that’s partly true. Yes, it’s 25 years for the Chassis Casting.

There’s only a one year warranty for parts, labor, and accompanying Accessory items. And two years for the Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards, excluding the cost of replacement labor.

Remember to keep the receipt; otherwise, you can’t make a warranty claim. You’ll have to pay the cost of shipping, packaging, and insurance (if you choose) to the Authorized Service Center.

It’s important to know to only use this product where the power source is 120V AC. This recommendation applies even if a voltage adapter is available.


  • It's only for household use. Are you’re looking to earn some extra income sewing? Just be aware it might not be able to withstand heavy duty daily usage.
  • There’s a limit to the number of layers it can handle.
  • It cannot handle thick and sturdy material like leather.
  • You can sew with denim, but it takes a little more effort to do so.
  • Thread tension is set by using a manual dial that doesn’t take long to learn using.
  • Some sewers find the led lighting inadequate and need to use a separate overhead light.
  • No automatic embroidery or monogramming functions but you can still use the free motion sewing to create artistic work.


  • Brother cs6000i price is economical.
  • Most of the accessories you need so no extra costs.
  • Saves time setting up with a drop-in bobbin and automatic needle threader. It even displays an error message if the setup is incorrect.
  • Simple to use so is ideal for the beginner.
  • Provides value for even the experienced sewist.
  • Sewing is easy with stop/start button, variable speed control, and push-button for reverse stitching, needle and stitch control.
  • The wide table and detachable foot help make quilting and more extensive projects easier to handle.
  • Lightweight enough to carry from sewing room to other room.
  • The hard carrying case means you can take it anywhere with little effort.
  • A wide variety of 60 built-in stitches to choose.

Unboxing Video:

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What’s the verdict?

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine remains popular because of its economical price and value.

Its many standard features mean beginners are up and sewing in next to no time.

Despite there’s a little restriction on the heavy sewing and big quilting projects, experienced sewists also find it useful as primary backup equipment for everyday sewing tasks.

At its price, you can’t go wrong with the CS6000i sewing machine.

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