Real Review From The Owner Of The Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine

I've this sewing machine in my arsenal. This Brother HC1850 review is not going to be like other reviews you have probably seen on other sites.


I hear you ask, what's the difference?

Along with all the meaty stuff like FAQ's, pros and cons, here you'll see me in trenches working on this machine.

Scroll down to look at the videos where I'm unboxing, doing fabric test, and selecting different stitches on this machine.

In short, it's a great sewing machine for beginners. In my tests I found it's straightforward to use, stitches were even and solid, and it handled different types of fabrics with a correct needle. 

However, it's not built for king size quilts and only has one monogramming font to offer.

The Brother HC1850 is a computerized sewing and quilting machine that comes with 130 built-in stitches and many other features that can help make your life easier. 

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Weight 10.1 pounds
Needle ThreaderAutomatic
Table1 wide table
Free ArmYes
Buttonholers1 step automatic, 8 styles
Speed optionsThree
Warranty25 years limited
Monogramming1 font
LCD screenYes

Unboxing Video

Who is it best for and why?

The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a great all-around tool for various sewing needs, with bonus features of quilting and monogramming.

For beginners who have no experience in sewing, this machine is a good place to start because it’s pretty simple to learn and it’s computerized.

It also comes with an instructional DVD and operational manual, which you can quickly turn to when you get confused.

For those who have experience, this can only be a secondary portable sewing machine.

Overall, this is a good ‘first sewing machine’ for those sewing at the beginner and intermediate levels, but for the seasoned and professional ones, this machine may not cut it.

How easy is it to use?

With Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing machine, you just select from built-in stitches through a push button.

Automatic needle threading system will help you thread the machine very quickly. Just drop in the bobbin and then press the start button to start sewing.

You can control this sewing machine either through the foot controller or the machine’s controls. The speed can be controlled as you sew.

Thanks to its ‘computerized’ feature, the machine does a lot of figuring out for you, regarding what presser foot goes with what stitch.

What are the basic sewing features on this Brother sewing machine, HC1850?

  • Sewing speed which is adjustable (maximum is 850 stitches per minute).

  • Convenient start/stop button with easy bobbin winding.

  • 7mm stitch width.

  • 5mm stitch length.

  • You can do sewing with foot control or with machine controls.

  • A wide range of 130 built-in stitches with the handy flip chart on the front portion of the machine.

  • Built-in monogramming sewing font complete with (0-9) numbers, letters (A-Z), specialty symbols (total of 8), and punctuation marks (total of 7).

What types of things can you sew with this?

The versatility of this little machine is one thing that it has going for it because it can handle many kinds of sewing with ease. For one, you can choose from more than 100 stitches.

But more than that, this machine gives you the ability to sew more than just clothes. You also have stitches for quilting, basic monogramming, and decorative ones.

You can use it for sewing garments, curtains, quilts, and a lot of other craft work.

Can it handle multiple layers of denim and other heavy fabrics?

The exceptional feed system also allows you to work with a broad range of fabrics, like denim, duck cloth, and poplin. With the right needle, it can handle multiple layers of denim too.

With heavier denim, though, it’s best if you use a specialized needle that will cut through the material and not add unnecessary stress to the sewing machine.

If you are mostly going to work with thickest materials, then go with the industrial grade leather machine.

It comes with size 14 and size 16 needles. I have tested the size 14 needle with faux fur fabric, and it sews just fine. Here is the video

Is it a good machine for quilting?

This Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and the quilting machine comes with a detachable wide table, although it is not very large, you can do some quilts jobs with it.

It also comes with a quilting foot, 14 quilting stitch functions and option for drop feed dogs, so you can use this machine for your quilts.

However, if you’re serious about quilting, you will need to buy a few additional presser feet as this does not come with a walking foot and a ¼” quilting foot.

Are there any drawbacks while quilting with the lack of space?

You can use this for projects like placemats, table runners, and small quilts. However, if you plan to make large quilts, this may not be the machine for you. It doesn’t have a very long arm.

If you are looking for some other quilting machine, this guide will help you get the best sewing machine for quilting.

Is this machine stable enough for perfect stitches?

The HC1850 from Brother is stable enough, so you don't have to fight with skipped stitches all the time.

Once you threaded the machine correctly and tension is adjusted properly, all you need to do is to push the start button, and the machine will sew proper stitches for you.

The exceptional feed system also helps you with the fabric you’re working on, moving it smoothly and making the stitches as precise as possible.

Is it noisy or quiet?

All sewing machines come with some noise, and this one has an average sewing sound that’s quite tolerable. You can listen to music as you sew. However, if you use the machine for embroidery, it will have a soft jackhammer sound.

Is it portable?

The machine is compact and weighs 10.1 lbs. It also has a built-in handle. What this means is that it’s lightweight and portable so that you can bring it with you anywhere.

What stitches come built-In with this sewing machine?

I love the number of built-in stitches that come with this sewing machine because it gives me room to do a lot more. You even get a flip-chart that shows you these stitches as well as their corresponding number, which you can then program in the LCD screen.

What you get is 42 stitches for basic garment construction, 14 stitches for quilting, 94 decorative stitches, 12 stitches for heirloom sewing, and eight auto-buttonhole styles.

Some of the basic utility stitches are:

  • Triple stretch stitch – useful for attaching sleeves and stretch fabrics. This stitch can eat up your thread quickly. 
  • Zigzag stitch – useful for many things such as overcasting and appliques.
  • Blind hem stitch – useful for invisible stitching.
  • Joining stitch – useful if you’re stitching patchwork or applying overcasting on two pieces of fabric.
  • Bar tack stitch – useful to reinforce parts of the garment where the seam is always coming loose.

Some of the quilting stitches are:

  • Hand-look quilting – the type of straight-stitch quilting that looks like you did it by hand.
  • Quilting stippling – for quilting background stitching.
  • Zigzag stitch for quilting – used for satin stitching, free-motion quilting and more.

Decorative stitches:

  • For decorative stitches, there are many good options. You get satin scallop shell tuck, fagoting, smocking and many other decorative stitches.

Buttonhole stitches:

  • For buttonhole stitches, you can choose from eight options, depending on what fabric you’re using: thin and medium-weight, stretch, knit, thick and furry, etc.

What kind of bobbins does it use?

It uses the Brother SA156 top load bobbins, which are about 7/16 inches deep. These are high quality and clear plastic bobbins and fit perfectly with this sewing machine.

Does it come with a manual and what is the quality of Instruction manual?

To help users with the sewing machine, this comes with an Operation Manual and a Quick Reference Guide.

The Quick Reference Guide is useful if you just want to check the necessary parts in one go, but the Instruction manual is quite detailed and gives you all the information that you need.

If the manual isn’t enough, this also comes with an instructional DVD that is also quite helpful in teaching you how things are done.

For those who are used to operating sewing machines, this should come easy. For beginners, the manual and the DVD are essential.

How many presser feet included?

This machine comes with enough presser feet for most of your stitching needs:

Zigzag foot – This helps with basic and zigzag stitching.

Buttonhole foot – To create uniform buttonholes in the garments that you’re making, you’ll need this foot.

Overcasting foot – This is ideal if you want to sew overcast seams, prevent fraying on the edges.

Monogramming foot – When you’re using the sewing machine for its monogramming function, this is the foot that works best.

Zipper foot – When sewing on zippers, you need this foot to stitch very close to the zipper coils. Using the zipper foot helps you achieve a neat stitch as well as ensure that your zipper functions properly.

Blind stitch foot – You can use this to create a hem that’s almost invisible.

Button fitting foot – This is most useful when you’re attaching buttons as well as small trims to your garment.

Quilting foot – If you want to use the machine for quilting purposes, this is the presser foot that you need.

Note: It doesn't come with a walking foot.

What about the warranty?

When you purchase the HC1850, you get Brother’s 25-year limited warranty as well as free phone support throughout the life of the product:

  • One year from original date of purchase: Parts, Labor, Accessory items.
  • Five years from original date of purchase: Electronic Components, Printed Circuit Boards (excluding replacement labor).
  • 25 years from original date of purchase: Chassis Casting.
  • It’s important that you keep the receipt of the product because this is what will determine your original purchase date.

    It will also prove that you bought the product directly from Brother or an authorized Brother reseller in the United States.

    What are the pros?

    Reading any Brother HC1850 review will tell you that generally, users are quite happy with this sewing machine. Here are some pros:

    • Packed with features, suitable for beginners and sewing students

    Because of the versatility of this machine and the number of stitches that are available, it’s a great device for those who are beginners or may still be learning how to sew.

    The slower speeds option are also ideal for those who are still trying to learn the ropes of sewing.

    Sewing students will appreciate the number of stitches available and what they can do with it. Since this also comes with a quilting and embroidery feature, this sewing machine encourages a lot of creativity regarding design.

    • Easy to use

    Many users have commented that this machine is easy to use even for those who have no idea how sewing works.

    The set up is easy, with automatic needle threader and quick set bobbin. As an owner of this machine, I can testify it.

    • Affordable

    You don’t have to break the bank for it.

    • Comes with LCD

    This computerized sewing machine comes with a large LCD screen, and this one is backlit.​

    The brightly lit screen shows you the number of the selected stitch, the presser foot to be used, the stitch length (mm), and the stitch width (mm). These are all adjustable.

    • LED light

    Aside from the LCD screen, the actual sewing area is also LED-lit, so you get a well-lighted area to look at your fabrics carefully even at night.

    It is important especially if you have some darker fabrics because you’ll need extra visibility.

    Although this light is bright enough for people with normal vision, you should have primary light around you when you sew.

    • Quilts

    One of its unique selling propositions is that is can also be used for small quilting tasks.

    What are the cons?

    Some Brother HC1850 reviews also mention a few aspects of the sewing machine that can still be improved:

    • Monogramming limitations

    While this machine comes with monogramming capabilities, the size of the letters cannot be freely adjusted so it might be smaller than what you need.

    Also, there is only one block-style font. If you are serious about the monogramming and work with many more options, you’ll have to purchase a separate machine that’s dedicated to monogramming.

    • Lack of auto-cut feature

    It is a good general sewing machine, but it doesn’t have an option for an auto thread/fabric cutter, the same as what you would find in high-end machines or sergers.

    What you would need to do to cut the threads is pull it out towards the machine’s side cutter.

    • Not advisable for use with power adapters

    Brother explicitly states that you should not use this machine in countries that not support 120v. If you use a power adapter to convert power overseas, this is still not ideal and advisable as it might ruin the sewing machine.

    • Too lightweight for some

    This machine only weighs 10.1 lbs, so that makes it very lightweight and easy to bring around.

    While this is a pro for some, there are those who are used to the sturdier and heavier sewing machines that are durable and can handle any hardcore task.

    They’ll have to adjust a little with this one because it’s mostly made of plastic, so it’s very lightweight.

    For extra protection and durability, you’ll have to purchase a separate case or cover when you buy this sewing machine because it doesn’t come with one.

    Should I buy it?

    The bottom line is that this is a great sewing machine especially for beginner and intermediate-level sewing.

    It is feature-packed with basic sewing, decorative, quilting, and monogramming functions, so it encourages creativity and is an excellent sewing machine for those who are just exploring the joy of sewing.

    There are some cons, and not all may appreciate this machine especially if you’re already an expert-level seamstress, but there are also many advantages that make this a good deal for me and many of the users who have rated this favorably.

    If you want a simple, lightweight and portable sewing machine that gives you good value for money, then this could be an excellent choice for you.

    Our Ratings


    Ease of use









    • Easy to use
    • Portable
    • Many Stitch choices
    • Wide table


    • No auto thread cutter
    • Only one monogramming font
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