Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Review: Read Or Miss Out

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The Brother CS5055PRW Project Runway sewing machine is a great computerized sewing machine that is excellent for beginners and experienced sewists at an affordable price point.



The Brother cs 5055 sewing machine is a versatile machine that has a good number of built-in stitches. It is easy to set up so you can get sewing quickly.

Brother is marketing this to people who enjoy the show Project Runway. They designed this machine to handle a wider variety of fabrics.

While it’s not a heavy-duty machine, you can easily sew on multiple layers of denim and medium thickness leather.

Also, I want to mention that you don’t just have to just sew clothes if you buy it. This is a great sewing machine if you enjoy quilting or crafting. People are able to sew curtains, bags, and fun decorations.

Brother CS5055PRW Features

The Brother project runway cs5055prw electric sewing machine is easy to set up which is useful if you’re just getting started or are a more seasoned sewer who appreciates the automatic needle threader.

The machine does the basics well and has additional features that a more advanced (and expensive) sewing machine would have.

Let’s look at this in more detail.


The Brother CS5055PRW sewing machine is a lightweight sewing machine coming in at 10.65 pounds with a convenient handle for carrying it.

Although it's a lightweight sewing machine, it does serious sewing. I won’t say it does heavy duty sewing because it doesn’t have a steel frame and isn’t designed to do super heavy duty sewing. But you will be impressed by the weight of material it can sew.

Its light weight is handy if this machine is going to a child or if you have difficulties lifting things.

There isn’t a case that comes with it. So if you’re going to bring it to classes or sewing groups, I’d recommend getting a tote with wheels.

While it has a smaller than average footprint, the Brother cs5055prw is a full sized sewing machine.

Easy to Get Started

When you pull the CS5055PRW out of the box, it has everything you need except for thread and fabric. (I love going to my local store and finding remnants to practice with).

Bobbin Winder

The bobbin winder is easy to find up near the top. It winds quickly. Then you just drop it in place. This is much easier than having a bobbin that goes into a case and then needs to be carefully inserted into the machine.

Easy To Thread 

The Brother cs 5055 is easy to thread. Just follow the directions. Then it’s time to thread.

The automatic needle threader is a thin hook that goes through the eye of the needle connected to an easy to maneuver lever.

You pull down the lever, line up the hook, and then get your thread in the hook, and let go. Your needle is threaded without the need for a magnifying glass.

And you’re done. Ok, you have to plug in the machine first. And then set up your fabric and practice sewing. If you have a family, tell them to order a pizza because you’re busy checking out all the basic features.


There are 50 built-in stitches each with multiple stitch functions in the Brother cs 5055 project runway computerized sewing machine.

Each stitch can be adjusted with the stitch length and width to get different looking designs with the help of multiple needle positions like left, right and center.


Also built in are five one-step custom-sized buttonholes that let you make a perfect looking buttonhole on your creation.

It could be a custom coat with couture detailing, or it could be a cover for a pillow on your coach. (It’s a good idea if you have small kids and pets to be able to remove covers and wash them occasionally)

Feed Dogs

The machine has well-designed feed dogs that ensure even fabric feeding. That keeps your stitches more uniform and precise providing better quality results. And the seams will be sturdier as well.

Also, you can drop the feed dogs for free-motion quilting and sewing which is important when you’re letting creativity take wing.

Thread Cutter

The thread cutter is in the back of the machine on the left so you can easily cut your needle threads. When you get the hang of this manual thread cutter, it becomes easy for you to set up your next sewing segment.

Vertical spool pin

One thing I like about the Brother cs-5055 project runway computerized sewing machine is the vertical spool pin for your thread.

Having it be vertical instead of horizontal provides more even feeding of the thread which is very useful if you’re using metallic thread.


The LCD with intuitive stitch selector is easy to use. You clearly can see what stitch you’re going to select. And it even tells you what presser foot to use.

Stitch Chart

There is a stitch chart built into the front of the machine for easy look up.

LED Light

And there is a bright LED that lights up the work area which is very useful when sewing in a room without a lot of lights in it.

Presser feet

Brother also includes a good assortment of presser feet to allow you to achieve designer quality results. Here are these:

  1. Button sewing foot
  2.  Buttonhole foot 
  3. Monogramming foot 
  4. Overcasting foot 
  5. Blind stitch foot 
  6. Zipper foot

Pros and Cons

Manual Thread Tension

It does not have automatic thread tensioning. Manual tension setting is useful if you are comfortable adjusting it.

If you’re new and not sure how to, make sure you take some time and practice with scraps of the fabric you’re using. Then look carefully at the results and follow the directions to make adjustments.


Although it’s easy to thread; however, some people felt that the self-threader on the Brother cs5055prw was difficult to use at first. Most people were able to practice and get comfortable with threading the needle.

It’s important to remember to keep the needle in the top position. Otherwise, the hook won’t match up with the eye of the needle.

On my old Pfaff, I would goof around with it until the needle was threaded. When my daughter got her Brother, she was threading her needle the opposite of the way I was looping the thread.

So if it’s a bit tough for you, try putting the thread the other way. You may find that the opposite works easier for you.

Less noisy

No sewing machine is silent. However, the brother cs5055prw is a lot quieter than most machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Import Designs?

No, the Brother CS5055PRW does not have a computer interface.

Can I Edit Stitches?

You can manipulate the length and width of the built-in stitches.

Can I Sew Leather?

Yes. Some people have even sewn medium grade leather and vinyl by following the directions and using the correct needle and thread tension.

Can I Sew Denim?

Yes. There are special settings for thicker materials.

Can I Do Overlocking or Serging?

No, this machine is not set up for that. You may want to look at my article on sergers.

Is There Speed Control On This Sewing Machine?

You control the speed of this model with the foot pedal. There are no additional means of managing the speed.

Can You Set the Machine to Stop In the Down Needle Position?

Yes, and that’s actually the default. It’s handy when you’re going around corners or needing to pivot the fabric to have the needle stay in the down position. That keeps the fabric from shifting.

Can I Do Embroidery or Monogramming On This Machine?

No, there are no built-in stitches for embroidery or monogramming. You may want to look at my article on monogramming machines.

Can I sew Blind hem stitch?

Yes, You can use this machine to hem pants and skirts.

It doesn't only have the blind hem stitch option; it also comes with a blind stitch foot.

If you use the same color thread, the blind stitch will be hardly visible on the front side of the fabric. That's the primary purpose of this stitch.

Final Recommendation

When I set out to do the Brother cs5055prw review, I had some concerns because it was branded for a television show. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice how well made this machine was.

The Brother sewing machine cs5055prw can sew your thicker quilts, hem your denim jeans, and provide couture elements on your latest creation.

It can sew curtains for your home, and a bag to hold your groceries. The stitches are even and well formed.

For a lightweight sewing machine, this is a no-brainer.

It would make a great gift to introduce a young person to the joys of sewing. And it would make a great gift for an older relative who still enjoys sewing but may have difficulties threading the needle or lifting a heavier machine.

Ok, and it would make a great gift for yourself as a first or second sewing machine.

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