Janome 2212 vs. Singer 4411: How 4411 is better than 2212?

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Among the many popular sewing machine brand names in the market today, Janome and Singer both have a good reputation.


In this review, we’ll take a look at two popular home machines - the Janome 2212 and the Singer 4411.

You’ll see that these two are very similar in many respects, but there are also a few significant differences.

We’ll try to help you determine if these differences are enough for you to pick one machine over the other.

In short, after this comparison we've have concluded that 4411 is better than 2212. 

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How Do the Features of the Janome 2212 Compare with the Singer 4411?

Since there are plenty of similar features between these two machines, setting them side by side in a table works well. Take a look at the similarities in the table below.

FeaturesJanome 2212Singer 4411
Built-in Stitches1211
Drop feed?YesYes
Free Arm?YesYes
Stitches per Minute8601100
Buttonhole1 Four-step1 Four-step
Presser Foot Tension Adjustment?NoYes
Snap-on Presser Feet?YesYes
Needle Positions1 3
Extra High Foot Lift?Yes Yes
Maximum Stitch Width (mm)56
Bobbin PlacementFront loadDrop-in

While the majority of the features match from one machine to the other, there are a few differences that are worthy of note. Let’s look at each of them.

Built-In Stitches

The Janome gives you 12 built-in stitches, but the Singer only has 11. I doubt that the one “missing” stitch is going to be a deciding factor for you.

You may have noticed that the last two digits of the model number are the same as the number of built-in stitches the machine has. That is not a fluke.

Stitches per Minute

Regarding the speed of the machine, the Singer is the winner by 240 stitches per minute.

If being able to sew consistently at 1100 stitches per minute is of great importance to you, then you’ll need to choose the Singer 4411.

However, these machines are both considered to be “beginner” models, so if you are a beginner, this speed probably isn’t what you’re looking for in a machine.

Most beginners tend to sew much more slowly at first.

Presser Foot Tension Adjustment

Next, we come to what most sewists would consider a significant difference - being able to adjust the presser foot tension.

The Singer allows you to make such adjustments, but the Janome does not.

Since there are a fair amount of times when you do need to adjust this pressure and have more control, this is a significant win for the Singer 4411.

Needle Positions

The difference in the number of possible needle positions -  One for the Janome, three for the Singer - will matter to you depending on what type of sewing you plan to do with your machine.

It’s obvious, but I state it anyway: If you sewing style requires three positions, pick the Singer. Generally, you will adjust the needle position to sew either close to or farther away from the seam.

Maximum Stitch Width

Does it matter to you whether you can only sew stitches five millimeters wide, or do they have to be six millimeters from side to side? Does that one tiny millimeter make that much of a difference?

Probably not. So while this is a difference between the Janome and the Singer, you most likely are not going to make your decision based on it.

Bobbin Placement

On the other hand, it seems most sewists prefer a top loading, drop-in bobbin to the front loading style.

A drop in bobbin tends to cause fewer thread problems while sewing. It’s also usually easier to see how much thread is left on your bobbin when you can glance down at it from the top near where your needle is doing the stitching.

This difference is another big win for the Singer 4411. It’s at least as important as the presser foot tension adjustability, which also favors the Singer.

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What Kinds of Fabric Can I Use in These Machines?

As mentioned briefly above, both of these sewing machines are “homestyle” machines, despite the “Heavy Duty” tag in the model name of the Singer 4411.

Heavy duty does not necessarily mean commercial usage. Instead, it depicts fast speed with a good motor.

So considering that, you should not expect to use either of these machines for very heavy fabrics like industrial-grade leather every day all day long.

You can use them for lighter weight leather, canvas, and denim. You can also do some lighter quilting and several layers of fabric at once if they’re not extremely heavy.

What Are the Physical Specifications of These Machines?

Each of these machines weighs less than 16 pounds, so they are not too heavy to carry around.

Note that neither comes with a hard case though. Both do have a soft cover.

Both are roughly the same size as well. The Singer is 15.5 inches by 6.25 inches by 12 inches. The Janome is 15.2 inches by 6 inches by 11.6 inches. 

What Other Aspects of These Machines Should I Know About?

Both of these models cost under $200 each. The Singer seems in general to run a little less than the Janome, so score another point for the Singer 4411.

Purchase of the Singer also gets you an online “Owner’s Class” and the Singer “Sewing Assistant App.” Both of these are useful especially if you are a beginning user.

Verdict: Singer 4411 vs. Janome 2212

There are at least three points in favor of the Singer 4411 over the Janome 2212 - the adjustable presser foot tension, the drop in bobbin, and the price. 

You could also add points for the sewing speed and the needle positions.

The only small item where the Janome outdoes the Singer is in the number of built-in stitches. And then it only wins by one stitch type.

If you like the Singer 4411, but wish you had more available stitches, check out these other two machines in the 44xx line.

You can guess from the model number that these have 23 and 32 stitch types, respectively. Besides, these machines both have a one-step buttonhole and built-in needle threader.

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