Janome Memory Craft 6300p Review: Who should buy it?

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In this Janome 6300 review, I’m going to evaluate if it’s a good machine for beginners because it may appear at first to be an advanced sewing machine. 


The Janome Memory Craft 6300p sewing machine is a professional grade computerized sewing machine that is designed to sew the light to heavy weight fabrics.

So to cut to the chase, I found it to be good for professionals as well as beginners who want to do a lot of sewing.

Janome Memory Craft 6300P Features

Let’s look at this sewing machine in more detail.


It has an easy to read LED display to show you what stitch you’ve chosen and the changes in width and length.

Vertical Thread Bar

The Janome memory craft also has a vertical thread bar which allows you to have two spools of thread with even tension. You would use this if you used the twin needle for decorative stitching.

Built-In Stitches

There are 66 built-in stitches each with multiple stitch functions in the Janome mc-6300p. Each stitch can be adjusted with the stitch length and width to get different looking designs.

There is a stitch chart built into the top of the machine for easy look up to find the right decoration.

Also, the Janome memory craft 6300 has four one-step buttonhole stitches.

Thread Cutter

There is an automatic thread cutter. Just press a button, and your threads get snipped. It saves you time and cuts down on extra hand motions when you’re working quickly.  

One quick note is that the thread cutter doesn’t work if the presser foot is raised even a little bit.

Drop Feed Control

You can drop the 5-piece feed dogs on the Janome 6300 sewing machine. This is important for free-motion quilting and sewing.


The Janome MC 6300P sews at 1000 stitches per minute. So you’ll be able to zip through your projects quickly. People will wonder how you have the time to sew so much. It's not the fastest sewing machine still good enough for fast sewing. 

Pros Of Janome mc6300p

Knee Lift

It has a special lever that allows you to control the presser foot position with your knee.

All you have to do is push the lever with your knee, and the presser foot raises. You can make your adjustment, and then let the lever naturally move back to the original position which lowers the presser foot.

Professional sewing machines have this since the sewists on assembly lines can’t take the time to lift and lower the presser foot by hand.

I don’t want you to think it’s just for thick layers of fabric. This feature will save you a lot of time while you’re sewing.

It’s one of those things that you don’t think you’ll need. Then once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Stitch Width Capacity

The maximum stitch width is a large 7mm. That allows you to create wider border designs for your quilts.

Presser Foot Pressure Control

One other very cool thing about the Janome 6300p is that it has presser foot pressure control. This allows you to make adjustments for thin fabrics as well as thick and continue to get even stitching.

Low Bobbin Light

It also comes with a convenient low bobbin indicator light.

Cons Of Janome mc6300p

Not Too Light

This is not a light machine. It weighs in around 26.5 pounds. In fact, you’ll probably want to set up space where you can leave it out full time if you can.

Lack Of Free Arm

I do need to mention that there is no free arm available on this Janome memory craft. So while you could sew things other than quilts, just be aware that you won’t be able to do smaller work like cuffs on sleeves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Good Machine for Quilting?

The Janome MC-6300P professional heavy-duty computerized sewing machine was specially designed for quilting delight and has a large 9”x5” throat space.

It has an extension table and five different blanket stitches for applique. This makes piecing a quilt top easier. And you can quilt the layers faster.

It also comes with a walking foot that allows the top and bottom fabric to feed evenly. That means the top of the quilt won’t be done before the bottom when sewing the layers together.

Since It’s A Quilting Machine, Can I Sew Other Things?

Absolutely. The Janome mc6300 has a lot of stitches to choose from. You’ll be able to sew or alter projects like wedding and prom dresses.

It would also be a great machine for a school band as it can sew through the thick wool or polyester uniforms. You’d be able to make repairs quickly.

So the Janome 6300 isn’t just for quilting. This machine is designed to be professional grade and sew different materials.

Is This Good for a Beginner?

The Janome MC 6300 is easy enough for a beginner to set up and get going quickly. There is a stitch guide built into the top of the machine. And the LCD interface makes it simple to choose the stitches.

The bobbin is a drop-in which is easier for beginners to set up. 

If you’re intending on doing a lot of sewing, you may want to invest in this machine. You’d be able to sew a large variety of projects very quickly. And the motor can handle being used all day long.

Some machines need time to rest and cool down after working on large projects like big quilts or curtains.

I wouldn’t recommend this as the first machine for a child. It’s too heavy to be moved around. And you always run the risk that your future fashion designer doesn’t really like sewing after all.

I mean, you wouldn’t buy them a high-end sports car as their first car. I may have taught my daughter on an Audi A6, but her first car was a Toyota Corolla. (and yes, I’m comparing the Janome MC 6300P to an Audi A6. It’s well built, powerful, and easy to use)

If you’re not sure that you like sewing and want a good machine to get started, I wouldn’t recommend this Janome. You can read my recommendations for great beginner sewing machines here.

Can I Sew Heavy Fabrics?

Yes. You can also sew denim, light to medium grade leather, vinyl and canvas. 

This machine can sew through eight layers of denim. And that’s quite a lot of fabric.

You should be aware that this is not an industrial machine. So it probably couldn’t handle thickest leather or sailcloth.

Can I Do Overlocking or Serging?

No, this machine is not set up for that. You may want to look at this article on the Singer 14CG754 Overlock.

Can I Control The Speed?

Yes, the Memory Craft 6300P allows you to limit the top speed. It can sew very slowly for very precise stitch placement. You can also choose to sew at the medium rate. 

There’s a switch to make the required speed adjustments.

It gives you better control of the needle placement when piecing or sewing different types of materials.

Is There Needle Down/Up Position?

Yes, you can set whether the needle stops in the up or down position. 

Janome also programmed the 6300P to memorize your preferred needle position. So when you turn the machine back on, it should have the same setting as when you last were sewing.

It may seem like the MemoryCraft 6300P has a mind of its own. If you use the automatic cutter or finish stitching a buttonhole, the sewing machine will always stop with the needle in the up position.

Can I Do Embroidery or Monogramming On This Machine?

There are built-in stitches that can mimic some embroidery stitches if you adjust the width.  

However, this is not an embroidery machine to produce very detailed and dense embroidery like on patches. 

Also, the Janome MC 6300P cannot do letters or monogramming. 

Can I turn off the beep?

The interface on the memory craft 6300 beeps when you touch a button. And there is no way of turning that off. Janome wanted a way of providing feedback when a button was pressed.

Final Recommendation

You might think this is an expensive machine at first. However, if you compare the price to other professional grade sewing machines, this is a bargain.

If you compare it to other high-end machines which aren’t professional grade or heavy-duty, it’s also a fraction of the cost.

If you do a lot of quilting or are thinking of setting up a side business, this would make a great investment. It will be able to sew everything you need, and it will last a long time. (Plus, you know, the knee lift control of the presser foot. Yeah, I still love that idea).

Hopefully, this Janome memory craft 6300p review has answered your questions. If you want to know more, you can leave the comment below.


  1. Knee Lifter
  2. Needle up/down (Memorized)
  3. Presser foot lift (Extra high)
  4. Lots of space for big projects


  1. No free arm
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