Juki 2010q Sewing Machine Review: Can It Sew Perfect?

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Does the Juki TL 2010q sewing machine perfectly sew without driving anyone nuts?


Think about this:

  • The last time you woke up with neck and back pain.
  • The skipped stitches and broken threads are ruining your sewing projects.
  • The tortoise sewing machine is driving you nuts, making you work harder than you should.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you. Having a good sewing machine makes sewing a more pleasant experience because you don’t have to fight with the machine for your projects.

If something went wrong, odds are, you’re the one who screwed up and not the machine. 

Lastly, how do you go about knowing whether Juki TL-2010q long-arm sewing & quilting machine is the right sewing machine for your craft? In just a minute, you’re about to learn whether this sewing machine is right for your sewing project.

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Okay, let’s dive right in.


Who It Is Best For (And Why)

Can I be totally honest with you?

It's not for everybody. And only a select number of people will have a better experience using this sewing machine. As it turns out, the Juki long arm quilting machine is meant for professional quilters and sewists.

Let me explain.

The machine is capable of handling lots of stitches per minute. That said, you’re capable of adjusting the machine speed from 200 stitches to 1,500 stitches per minute.

To operate at that level of speed, you need to have lots of experience under your belt. With that high speed, lots of things can go wrong when you’re sewing like skipped stitches and broken threads.

If you can handle that, then it's perfectly designed for you.

Why spend more if you just need 200 stitches per minute?

Additionally, if you are looking to do basic quilting and sewing at home, I am afraid that to say that you don’t need this machine.

Instead, you’re better off having the less expensive machine. But most of those machines can't beat the quality of Juki tl2010q.

That said, this machine is a dream come true to any person that enjoys large quilts, because of its large throat that makes it easier to handle quilts and other large projects.

Now that we have made that clear let’s look at the features that make sewing a much more pleasurable experience.

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What is Made Of? ( The material)

The aluminum die-cast material is used in the construction of Juki, giving a sturdy and durable appearance that lasts you years.

Expect the machine to weigh around 38 pounds. That’s heavier than other machines.  

Like any other heavy machine, your machine will have a solid base to avoid the skip stitches when you are stitching or quilting.

To compensate for its heavy-weight, it's a carrying handle to ease your movement from one place to another.

Can You Sew Perfectly With Its Speed? ( The Answer Will Surprise You)

Right off the bat, yes, and they're incredible features that make quilts and sewing a breeze. At high speed, expect no vibration.

And with a little experience under your belt, you can run it up to 1500 stitches per minute. Even better, the machine can help you achieve the following things under high speed:

●    You can create excellent straight stitches

●    You can make better zig zag stitches

●    You can sew a buttonhole

Keep in mind that most sewing machines have noises, especially the older model. 

There are some complaints about it being noisy. However, those are few and far between and mostly due to lack of maintenance.

For most sewists, this machine is relatively quiet as compared to other machines, and for some, it sounded normal without any distractions.

The Juki TL-2010q is a great blessing for its speed, zero vibrations, minimal noise, and consistent quality stitches.

Have You Ever Wished Having A Free Motion Quilting Sewing Machine?

If your dream is to be an aspiring quilter, then this is a machine that you need to sew projects. Not only can it handle large quilts, but it makes it easier for you to sew multiples times without breaking the needle.

Seriously, would you not consider it heaven sent?

And that’s not all, the extra space on the extension table and the large throat space encourages you to move freely around your projects while you pay attention to work on your quilts.

Besides the auxiliary table, you also have the option to buy the even bigger free-motion table to go even further with your free-motion quilts.

Having the ability to deal with various thicknesses of fabrics makes it even more wonderful for quilting. And the best part, the machine has an adjustable stitch length (up to 6mm) to stitch a wide variety of fabrics.

The one feature that you will appreciate most is the feed dogs because you can raise or lower those (with the help of the lever) to make free motion quilting easier for you. 

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Length Per Stitch?

The length of the stitch matters a lot when you’re determining what kind of sewing machine you intend to buy. 

If a machine can accommodate long stitch length, it means that you can sew heavy-weight fabric, do basting, and topstitch.

The thing that you’ll love about the Juki is that it gives you the option to adjust the stitch up to 6mm in length. Most machines give you this option only up to 4mm to 5mm.  

This makes it easier for you to stitch different varieties of fabrics; all you need to do is adjust the stitch length.

Does It Come With A Thread Cutter?

Many sewists waste lots of time cutting threads. Well, if you want to put your time into good use, then you need a thread cutter.

Fortunately, it has three thread cutters options for snipping a thread.

  1. You can tap the scissor icon button on the left side to automatically cut the thread.
  2. Hit the built-in thread cutting using your foot. Once you get used to it, you'll breeze through your sewing projects like a pro.
  3. Use the manual thread cutter blade on the front right side of the machine.

All three options can save your precious sewing seconds, especially when you are working on a bigger sewing project.

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What Stitches Come Built-in With This Sewing Machine? What’s The Quality of The Stitch?

The Juki 2010q is a lockstitch machine, and what this means is that it has two threads locked at small intervals.

If a single needle lockstitch hasn't impressed you, then you may need to consider buying one with many stitches like the Janome and Bernina that come with over 100 stitches.

Can The Juki 2010q Perform Basic Embroidery Functions?

Like any good quilting machine, it can perform basic embroidery function. All you need is to plug the embroidery thread and use a size 11 needle. Embroidery has been a form of tightly spacing the quilting stitches.

That said, you’ll find that the quilting feet can handle both free motion and free-motion embroidery.

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Can You Adjust The Thread Tension?

Thread tension management is a great challenge for older models, especially when it comes to quilting. 

Thread tension depends upon the fabric and thread used in a quilt. It's not easy to adjust thread tension as it keeps on fluctuating. Fortunately, this machine can handle it with the help of a thread tension scale.


Juki’s price tag shouldn’t come as a surprise. The price compensates some of the desirable accessories that it comes with, such as:

  • Extension table
  • ¼ Quilting foot 
  • Zipper foot
  • Even Feed foot
  • Foot Controller
  • Screwdriver
  • Needles
  • Cleaning brush
  • Dust cover
  • Four Bobbins
  • Spool cap
  • Power Cord
  • Lever for knee lifter


  • Speed demon: This a workhorse sewing machine that can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute.
  • The die-cast aluminum material makes the machine durable and ensures its long-lasting performance.
  • Free motion quilting and embroidery come naturally with this machine


  • It comes with an LED light located above the needle to give some sort of visibility when you are working on your project. However, the quality of light is not that great. It needs improvement. 

Chances are, you may be straining to see what you’re working on. That said, if you’ll be working and you need lots of natural light, you may need to purchase an extra LED light to work smoothly.

Conclusion-Should I Buy It?

Not all great machines are made for quilting, and the Juki 2010q happens to the best quilting and sewing machine.

That said, the Juki comes with lots of bells and whistles. The fact remains, you don’t need all the features if you are a homeowner who does little sewing projects.

If you’re into sewing alone, there’s no point you will ever want to drop the feed for free motion quilting.

In short, this machine blends well with a person who quilts a lot. If you are a professional sewist, you will enjoy the high speed of the machine.

Most importantly, you will save lots of money along the way. If you compare the machine with a higher-end machine like Janome Horizon 7700, you’ll find it is economical given the fact it can perform almost the same number of functions.

Finally, the machine is also great for a home quilter because it doesn’t take extra space in your home, and it can still give you industrial-grade performance.

If you are quilting purists and professional sewist, give this machine a serious consideration because it will bring great performance and joy to your work.

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