Singer 44s vs 4423 Comparison: What’s the Difference?

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The Singer has manufactured a lot of good sewing machines including the 44s and the 4423. Naturally, the question is which is better, the Singer 44s vs 4423?


Quick Glance:

In a hurry to make your purchase? Well, the fact is they’re both good and have the same features except for the color difference, measurement markings on the 44s and the faster speed of the 4423.

Singer 4423 is one of the top selling machines over the internet. Obviously, it has got more love from sewists all over.

Singer 4423 is our choice too.

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However, both are excellent mechanical sewing machines and should be able to handle your needs.

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Which Have More Stitches Built-in?

The first thing you’ll notice when comparing the two is how much they are alike. Except for the measurement marks on the 44s the two look identical, so it’s no surprise both have 23 stitches built in.

Casual and new users won’t need a lot of stitches, and even 23 may be too much for some. Even so, it’s good to know a varied selection is available. The 44s and the 4423 make it easy to choose a stitch and use it.

Both have the most common, essential stitches, buttonhole stitch, decorative and stretch stitches so you’ll get started right away. 

Which is Faster 4423 or 44S?

Singer 4423 wins here as it can sew at 1100 stitches per minute speed while the maximum rate for 44s is 1000 stitches per minute.

100 SPM speed difference is the main factor that 4423 is one of the best sellers as compared to the 44s mediocre selling performance online.

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Which is is Better for Stitching Heavy Fabrics?

Both the 44s and the 4423 can stitch everything from light fabrics to heavy denim and multi-layered fabrics.

The stitches for both sewing machines go through the denim easily, and they don’t wear out easily like other sewing machines. Both come with a bed plate for consistent fabric feeding, and since it’s stainless steel, it lasts longer.

Which is Easier to Use? 

In the Singer 4423 vs classic 44s debate on ease of use, it’s very close. This should not be surprising given how similar the two machines are.

Both have the easy to use auto needle threaders.

             Bobbin Comparison:

Both have the top drop-in bobbin with clear cover, so it’s easy to use and see the thread. And bobbin wounds up nicely on both machines. The rest of the unit complements the other features for the smooth stitch delight.

           Speed adjustment comparison:

Adjusting the speed is straightforward on both machines. They don't have speed control button, but by adjusting the foot control pressure, you can slow or speed up the sewing.

Which is More Expensive?

The price tag is similar given they have similar features and specs. However, the price tag will also depend on the unit (new, refurbished, second hand, etc.) and where you buy. Even if there is a price difference, it’s usually only a few dollars.

Which is More Suitable for Professional Use?

This is one of the most familiar questions asked in the Singer 4423 vs Singer classic 44s debate.

Both are fantastic home sewing machines and can also be used for professional purpose depending upon your requirements. If the speed is what you are looking for, then go with 4423.

However, if your professional job requires lots of decorative, embroidery stitches then don't choose any of these go for a specific machine for that.

Although both machines have the means for sewing canvas and other heavy leather, if that's what you're looking to do on a regular basis these are not the machines for you.

The versatility of the 44s and the 4423 makes either one a practical choice for heavy jeans and delicate baby diapers. Hemming up pants is easy too.

Which is Quieter?

Both are mechanical heavy duty sewing machines that can take on a lot of tasks. Even so, they are both relatively quiet.

These aren’t whispering quiet devices by any stretch, but they are not as audible as some of the old mechanical sewing machines were.

Which is More Versatile?

The 44s and the 4423 can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Soft cloth won’t cause any problems, and as mentioned earlier goes through denim and other fabrics with several layers.

Both machines are used mostly for clothes, but you can also use it to create some handbags, home decors, and even quilts.

Which Offers Better Performance Overall?

When compare Singer 44s and Singer 4423 you will see that both are consistent performers. The bobbin winder is excellent, and the free arm on both machines are well made for better jobs.

The 44s and 4423 require you to set up the stitches using dials, and it’s a good thing since it gives you full control. Both these do backstitch well even across several layers.

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Stitch Performance comparison: Singer 44s vs 4423

Performance from both machines is impressive. The nearly identical design does not mean performance is 100% the same. The singer 4423 is better at everyday stitches. However, the difference is slight.

Which is More Stable?

No surprise that the 4423 and the 44s are both stable machines. Both have heavy-duty metal internal frames and won’t wobble even if you use heavy fabrics. Proof of its stability is you can sew many layers of cotton and flannel, and it won’t rattle.

Bother are workhorses and that is evident from their construction.

What are the Biggest Similarities between the 44s and the 4423?

The two share a lot of common specs and features. They have the same number of stitches. The top drop-in bobbin, needle threader are the same as is the dial stitch selection.

Even the way you work with the foot presser is the same. Other similar features are the free arm, drop feed, and the needle positions (3).

What are the Limitations of These Sewing Machines?

The 44s and 4423 are competent sewing machines. To get the most out of those, you must be familiar with the features and what they can and cannot do.

The 44s and the 4423 don’t have a start/stop button or a speed controller. However, it’s easy to control the speed. There is no programmable needle up/down or a monogramming font.              

The Verdict: Singer 4423 vs 44s

As you have noted in this Singer heavy duty sewing machine 4423 vs 44s article, the only significant difference between 44s and 4423 is the speed.

Yes, the 44S has measurement markings while the 4423 does not. This is not a big deal; you can get the external measurement tool for very cheap. However, you can't buy the extra 100 SPM speed the 4423 has to offer.

Oh, one aesthetic difference is 44s is white shade while the 4423 is painted in grey.

If you want the better of the two machines, just go with Singer 4423.

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