Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine Review: What to Know Before You Buy

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The Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine is a very reliable and affordable embroidery machine with plenty of features for a better experience with embroidery.

Update: There is a new and improved model of this, PE535.


It enables you to create custom designs and turns embroidery work fun. It is easy to make gifts from ordinary materials at home using the PE525.

You can personalize embossing to personalize your belongings or your baby’s clothing.

This Brother pe525 review will help you learn about its benefits, what to look out for, and what other users say about this embroidery only machine.

You must go through the review to understand what to expect.

It is designed purely for embroidery tasks and nothing else. It has no regular sewing functions. 

With five font styles for the lettering and 70 pre-installed design, what more do you need from an embroidery machine?

Just connect it to your PC and import the styles you want to work with. 

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What are the main features of Brother Pe525?

Auto thread trimmer

This feature reduces manual work as it cuts the lower and upper threading. All you have to do is press a button, and the machine will start trimming.

The feature saves the user a lot of time that could be spent manually cutting the threads.

Advanced needle threader

No more struggling to thread the needle or using tweezers and magnifying glasses. Just press a button, and the rest will be done efficiently.

Backlit LCD

This feature allows you to view tutorials be in full control of your design and editing features. You also have easy access to pre-installed designs.

There is no need for extra attachment to work with all these features.

You can see what you want to work on, and the brightness can be adjusted as desired.

Quick-set bobbin tech

It ensures that you get an efficient, reliable, and high-quality stitching.

Both the bobbin and its cover are transparent to allow you to see the thread level and refill in time.

Computer connectivity

With this advanced feature, you can easily import designs from the computer.

It is also possible to download designs from the internet and use the USB port to upload them into the PE525.

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Embroidery area

The 4x4 embroidery area allows for working on decent size designs. Make excellent gift designs and home decorations with custom designs.

It's not big enough for the advanced users but plenty enough for beginners.

Pattern rotation

This feature makes the Brother pe525 embroidery machine amazing. It can rotate pattern designs at angles of 1, 10, and 90 degrees.

This allows you to visualize how your design might appear from various angles.

Design combinations

The machine allows you to combine designs with ease to come up with excellent creations.


It has an inbuilt LED lamp for brighter workspace. It allows you to work even in dimly lit rooms and to have a clear view of what you are working on.

Who is this embroidery machine meant for?

The machine is suitable for beginners only since it is equipped with all that beginners need to accomplish their job.

Maybe some intermediate may like it too but certainly not meant for advanced users.

Most intermediate to advanced users can't live with the 400 stitches per minute speed and a small embroidery area of this machine.

How does it perform?

Most of the buyers are impressed with the performance of this Brother embroidery machine, Pe525.

Even though it is affordably priced, the machine is a quality performer and produces good quality embroidery designs.

It also has five fonts for monogramming and many other beneficial features that make embroidery more interesting than ever. 

Here is the guide to buy the top monogramming machines.

Is the machine user-friendly and portable?

Buyers feel that the machine does all that it says without disappointing. It is light enough for portability and is made of durable materials.

It is easy to learn, as it is very informative and responsive. It is easy to work with when translating designs onto the fabric.

You can use the pre-installed designs to create custom patterns as desired.

How many patterns come with it?

What impresses most customers are the 120 combinations of frame patterns, 70 preloaded designs, and computer connectivity.

It allows for uploading more designs and even downloads from the internet and upload to the machine.

Once you select the desired design, you can view it on the backlit LCD touchscreen display.

Customer reviews:

Brother pe525 reviews say a lot about the reliability and ease of use of the machine.

Some users, however, say it takes time for one to learn to use the machine. The promise of high-quality output has been met for most customers.


- Easy to import designs from the PC or download from the internet and upload it through the USB port.

- Has a variety of designs for creating high-quality embroidery.

- Its features and ease of use make it compete so well in the market with the top embroidery machines.

- It is suitable for those who want an embroidery-only machine.

- It has plenty of features to make work enjoyable.

- Even beginners with no sewing experience can easily figure out how it works and learn quickly how to use it.

- It comes with a 25-year limited warranty.


- Its embroidery area is limited to 4 by 4. However, you can't get a bigger hoop size in this price range.

If you need to work on bigger projects, you have to invest more to get Brother DZ820E or Brother PE800. Both of these machines will offer more space for your projects.

Also, check the comparison between the DZ820E and PE770 here. Both these machines can be used for hat embroidery as well. PE800 has replaced PE770.

- This embroidery machine cannot handle sewing tasks. If you are looking for a combo machine, then Brother SE600 is an excellent choice to make. 

Brother LB6800PRW was also a combo machine, but no longer available now. However, you can read about it here.

- This machine can only do embroidery at a speed of 400 stitches per minute, but that is sufficient for the most beginners. 

Final Verdict

Beginner home users will find this machine suitable as they don't need a large embroidery area and fast speed.

Those just starting will find it appropriate since it's a low budget and has no constraints to the buyer. It gives you your first experience before you can graduate to bigger machines.

The Brother pe525 embroidery machine only meant for embroidery and does not sew if you are okay with that, then no need to wait. Buy the machine and get on with producing unique embroidery patterns.

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  1. Easy to use
  2. Budget machine
  3. Good for beginners


  1. Embroidery area is not that big
  2. No sewing features
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