Brother XR9500PRW vs Brother CS6000i: Too Close to Call?

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Sometimes, all you need is a sewing machine that just plain works. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway machine versus the Brother CS6000i to see if one or both of them could be such a machine for you.


We’ll take a side by side look at the features, accessories, and specifications; you get with each machine to see if we can pick a winner or not.

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Update: Brother XR9550 is the new and improved model of PRW

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Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

Main Features: Brother xr9500prw vs Brother cs6000i

As you will see in the first table below, there are many similarities and just a few differences between the features of the Brother XR9500PRW machine and those of the classic CS6000i machine.

The three main items to note are the number of built-in sewing stitches, the number of buttonhole styles, and whether or not the machine has any lettering fonts.

FeaturesXR9500PRW CS6000i
LightingLED Dual LED
Built-in Sewing Stitches10060
Max. Sewing Speed (stitches per minute)850850
Buttonhole Styles87
Lettering Fonts10
Stitch Width (mm)77
Stitch Length (mm)55
Start / Stop ButtonYesYes
Drop Feed / Free MotionYesYes
Built-in Quilting StitchesYesYes
Accessory StorageYesYes
Quick-Set BobbinYesYes

Based on this information alone, the XR9500PRW seems to be the clear winner. If you need a large amount of sewing stitches to satisfy your creativity, or you’re really into buttonholes, or you must have a lettering font, then the Project Runway machine is for you.

However, don’t stop your comparison there. Look at the next table that tells you which presser feet you get with these sewing machines.

Presser Feet: Brother cs6000i vs xr9500prw

You’ll see in this table that the CS6000i gives you two more feet than the XR9500PRW.

Buttonhole FootYesYes
Walking FootNoYes
Overcasting FootYesYes
Zipper FootYesYes
Blind Stitch FootYesYes
Monogramming FootYesYes
Spring Action Quilting FootNoYes
Button Fitting FootYesYes
Zigzag FootYesYes

At this point, if it's the Walking Foot or the Spring Action Quilting Foot that is one of your requirements, then you have to pick the CS6000i model.

Accessories: Brother xr9500prw vs cs6000i

I include the next table just to show you which other accessories come in the box with each machine. Normally these kinds of items won’t sway your decision one way or the other because they are relatively minor pieces.

There are just four differences in the list. Two of them put the XR9500PRW above the CS6000i, and the other two do the reverse.

Hard CaseNoYes
Twin NeedleYesYes
Eyelet PunchNo Yes
Cleaning BrushYesYes
Spool PinYesYes
Accessory pouch with Needle setYesYes
Ballpoint NeedleYesNo
Seam RipperYesYes

Specifications: XR9500PRW vs CS6000i

Finally, we look at the specifications in this last table.

Warranty25 years limited25 years limited
Height (in.)11.4511.4
Width (in.)6.696.7
Depth (in.)16.0216.1
Weight (lbs.)9.9213

At first glance, the measurements look a little different, but I think it’s just a matter of how precise Brother wanted to be when calculating the height, width, and depth of these machines.

They are virtually the same size.

Why should the CS6000i weigh about three pounds more, if the machines are the same size? I think that Brother may have included the hard case (see table just above) in the total weight of the CS6000i. 

Such a case could easily weigh around three pounds. If so, then the machines themselves are both approximately 10 pounds. 

10 or 13 pounds doesn't make much difference. Both these machine are lightweight and easy to move around. 

Conclusion about the Brother XR9500PRW and the Brother CS6000i?

If you look back at the comparison tables, you’ll notice that the few differences pretty much balance themselves out, unless you have a real need for something the one machine has that the other doesn’t.

If you compare brother xr9500prw and cs6000i for price tags, you’ll even find that price difference is not that much. XR9500prw only cost a little bit more than the cs6000i. 

In the end, I think we have to call this a draw. The sewing machine you choose between these two comes down to personal preferences and needs.

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