Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

You have found the most comprehensive buyers guide for Brother XM2701 lightweight full-featured sewing machine that comes with 27 stitches.


Who is the Brother XM2701 Best For?

Brother has specifically designed the XM2701 with two users in mind: the beginner and the experienced sewist who needs a simple, portable machine for standard, typical jobs not requiring a specialized quilting, monogramming, leather or other machine.

Beginners will love the simplicity of it:

For those people who are new to sewing, this machine comes with some spectacular features all of which have simple, ergonomic operation.

It is specifically designed to be easy to operate for anyone who may not be familiar with the intricacies of the computerized sewing machine like Janome 8077.

A dial is used to select the stitching and it comes with a foot pedal for hands-free operation.

Is this gadget useful for experience seamstress?

If you are an experienced sewist, this machine can be helpful in following ways.

First, it is very lightweight, weighing only 12.6 pounds, so it is easy to keep in storage and only pull it out when needed.

It can be taken with you to sewing classes or anywhere else you might want to transport it. If you need a lightweight machine that you can move around, this model is perfect.

Second, for the experienced sewist, this model can also be useful for those simple tasks that do not require a special high-end machine. It is often beneficial to have more than one sewing machine when working on big or complicated projects.

You do not always want to have to switch out the thread or the sewing foot just for one simple stitch. This is where portable machine like jx2517 can save you tons of time.

It will be simple to set up on a kitchen table or spare workspace for temporary use. You do not need a particular sewing table for this machine.

What Are the Different Stitches Offered on the XM2701?

Brother has equipped this machine with 27 different stitches which can all be selected by turning a simple dial to match the stitch you want.

It would take too long to name all the different stitches on this model, but here are some of the highlights to let you know what kind of functionality this machine comes with.

Basic Stitches:

Of course, it comes with your everyday stitches, like a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. This will accomplish most of what the beginner needs.

Blind Hem Stitch:

But it also comes with some handy advanced stitches like a blind hem, one of the more challenging things to sew, but necessary in hemming a quality pair of pants when you need to hide the hem.

Elastic Stitch:

It also comes with stitches for elastic fabrics and other fabrics where you need some stretching or flexibility (like an armpit).

What about other stitches?

Bridge stitch, rampart stitch, double action stitch and decorative hem stitch can be used in projects like patchwork that requires joining of two fabric pieces.

Some other stitches include shell tuck stitch, a feather stitch, bead stitch, an arrowhead stitch, and other decorative stitches.

This should be a good cross-section of stitches to make some beautiful hems or other decorations for your projects.

If there is any basic stitch you need, this model has it. Unless you have some specialized stitching for advanced projects, you should be able to get it done with this machine.

What feet come with this Brother lightweight full-featured sewing machine?

This Brother machine comes with six different feet for your sewing needs. Changing the foot is easy, all you have to do is press down to remove one foot and snap another into place. It takes only seconds.

Zipper foot:

With the zipper foot, you can easily add a zipper to many fabrics whether it be a pair of pants, a pillowcase, or a purse. If it needs a zipper, you can sew it on!

Zigzag foot:

The Zigzag foot will help you sew a zigzag stitch in those fabrics that are more stretchable like I did in this sew along, or whenever you need to edge two pieces of fabric together temporarily.

Narrow Hammer:

Another foot that Brother has included in this machine is the narrow hem foot. This is an amazing little foot that so many people overlook. Trying to hem a piece of fabric as close as 1/8" an inch can be extremely difficult.

You have to keep it folded over perfectly while running the machine and keeping the fabric straight. Many experienced sewists have difficulty doing this by hand.

But with the narrow hem foot, even the beginner (with a little practice) can sew very close hems.

This attachment comes with groves on one side and a curl fold on the other which guides the fabric naturally through the sewing machine and gives you a straight, consistent, and close hemline.

You won’t have to suffer through trying to do this advanced maneuver.

One-Step Buttonhole and Button fit feet:

With the button foot and one-step buttonhole attachment, it makes it very easy to sew a button on to almost anything as it is automatically sized to fit any button. You can easily repair that one shirt that always seems to lose buttons!

Blind Hem Foot:

Brother has also included a blind hem foot to make hidden hems in pants, blinds, dresses, etc. easier than ever.

This can be one of the more difficult stitches to master, and with the blind hem foot, you will be able to accomplish these complex stitches with just a little practice.

What Other Features Does This Model Come With?

Automatic needle threader:

One of the really exciting features offered on this model (and other models e.g., HC1850 as well) is an automatic needle threader. Those new to sewing know that threading a needle can be one of the most frustrating tasks.

And even experienced sewists can get flustered trying to get a thick or frayed thread through the tiny eye of a needle. With the automatic needle threader, all these frustrations simply vanish.

How Automatic Needle Threader works?

The threader is attached directly to the machine near the buttonhole lever. All you have to do is loop your thread through the device, and when you press it all the way down, a little plastic catch will shoot through the eye of the needle.

Simple maneuver the thread into the catch and when you release the needle threader, the catch will feed back up into the machine taking your thread through the needle as it goes.

And with the LED light positioned on your working area, it will be easy to see this whole process take place.

As you get used to using the automatic threader, you will be able to get the whole process down to seconds, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

No longer do you have to squint to see the eye of the needle or wet the end of the thread to get it sharp enough to go through the needle. Both newcomer and veteran alike will welcome relief from this arduous task.

Drop Down Bobbin:

Another time-saving device that any sewist will welcome is the automatic top drop-in bobbin. Simply pop the bobbin in place and pull the thread out to the side along the track, and begin sewing.

There is no need to pull the thread up before use; the machine will do that for you automatically.

This is another bonus that beginners will love because it removes one of the frustrating elements of learning to sew. And advanced users will love how quickly they can insert a new bobbin and just start sewing!

The bobbin is also located under a transparent plastic cover, so it is easy to see when you are low on thread. There is no need to wonder if you have enough thread to finish a stitch.


Brother has also included a needle set so that you have some backups in case one should break, or if you need a different size for your fabric. This saves you the hassle of having to buy extra needles.

In addition to these extra needles, there is also a twin needle that comes with the machine. These are used for when you need a professional looking seam, which will also give you much greater durability.

Bobbin and Winder:

They have also included four bobbins so that you can have four different colored threads ready to go at a moment’s notice.

With the bobbin winder you can quickly and easily load the bobbin right off the thread spool you are using. This makes it simple to match whichever thread you want.

Instruction Manual and DVD:

Another nice bonus that Brother includes is an instructional DVD that will walk you through the process of operating the machine and teach you the basics of how to use it. This will give you a free lesson in sewing, which is ideal for the beginner.

This also alleviates the task of digging through the manual (which is included) to find out what you need to know. Operating a sewing machine can be challenging and visual aids will greatly enhance your ability to learn it well.

Are There Any Problems With This Lightweight Machine?

While this is an amazingly lightweight machine packed with all sorts of great features, it is not perfect.

Not suited for more layers of thick fabric:

This is a light-duty machine. If you are trying to sew more than one layer of thick fabric, the machine will struggle to get through them all.

Fabrics like denim will also prove difficult for this machine if you want to do more than one or two layers. Don’t forget to buy right needles even if you want to work with one layer of thick fabric.


The LED light are also somewhat low for actually seeing what is going on underneath the arm.

If you have any eyesight problems, or even if you just like to see what you are doing, consider a strategically placed lamp that can fully illuminate what you are working on.

But considering that the XM2701 is not meant to be a heavy-duty sewing machine for leather or other fabrics, these limitations can easily be overlooked. If you want something for light-duty use, then with an additional lamp, this unit will perform well.

What Kind of Warranty Does Brother Offer?

Brother offers an impressive warranty with their machines. If anything should malfunction on the machine, Brother will cover it against all manufacturer’s defects for 25 years.

That’s the kind of guarantee only a company that believes in their product offers. Brother is known for its high-quality products, and this warranty is just further evidence of that excellence.

What's The Price?

This basic yet full featured lightweight machine from Brother is affordable. This will be a nice bonus to the newcomer as well as the experienced sewist.

You won’t have to break the bank to learn how to sew or just get a spare machine for some extra use. With the Brother XM2701, you get many of the features of a brother machine at a very reasonable price.

Our Verdict about Brother XM2701 lightweight full-featured sewing machine:

Brother has done very well with this machine. It has everything you could want in a starter sewing machine.

It is fantastic for any beginner needing an entry-level machine to get them going, but experienced sewists will also find it useful to keep around as a portable machine.

With this machine, you’ll be creating clothes and projects just like your grandmother! 

Home sewing feels like something that is stuck in the past. For hundreds of years, families made their clothes and taught their children the craft of sewing. But in the fashion and mass-market age, this is a skill that is slowly dwindling.

Sewing machine companies, however, have marketed lines of products aimed at helping beginners to learn this ancient craft. It is no longer just a skill for grandmothers. With introductory machines, even the newest beginners can learn to sew effectively and easily.

There are millions of clothes to be made and craft projects to be done. The Brother XM2701 sewing machine is one of the products that can help with some of those projects.

Who is Brother?

If you’ve been around the sewing world for any amount of time, the brand name “Brother” is one that you’ve come across many times.

But who is this company? Brother sewing machines and sewing related products are only one part of the multi-national company, Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother was originally founded in 1908 as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. in Nagoya, Japan.

In 1954 the company went international and began making a host of home appliances including printers, label printers, fax machines, and typewriters, just to name a few.

Today, Brother Industries has annual earnings of upwards of $5 billion per year and is well established in the household appliances industry.


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